Chemo Day #7 + 5


11:30: I wake up to my dad saying he has pancakes made and they are nice and hot!  Who can resist pancakes?  I get up out of bed, let Buster out, and then fix me a few pancakes.  The LSU/Texas A&M game is on as well.  I have a few pancakes which also have bananas mixed in with the batter.

12:15: I am done eating.  I go lay in bed and watch the game while I get out my laptop and start downloading Centos.  I also shutdown the virtual server and transfer it over to another computer.

1:00: I start the virtual server up on the other computer and start it up on that computer.  It still has the same issues of crashing.

1:30: I start installing the new server OS.  I get all the way through, and start working on the customization.

3:30: A client calls me up with a few questions he has about the tutorial I wrote for him.  I go through the tutorial on the phone and explain that the tutorial is there to teach the basics, and he must take those basics and expand upon them to make it work for what he wants it to do.

4:30: I get back to the setup.

5:30: My parents get home, and throw the steaks that they have marinating in the fridge on the steak.  Mmm, that smell, steaks on the PIT, mouthwatering!

6:00: The steaks are served, along with some Mac & Cheese and Potatoes.  I have a sweet potato, with my nice juice, but well cooked steak.

7:00: Back in my room, laying on my bed.  On my laptop, with the TV on in the background.  Configuring the virtual server, and doing some research, while remoting into another computer to work on it.

9:00: Up for some more drink, my dad is in the back yard with a small fire in a fire pit that we had bought him a few Christmas’s ago.  Its a little chilli outside, but a great calm night for a fire.  I watch the fire for a little bit.

9:30: I head back inside to work on the server a little more, I am back on the old server trying to figure out why it is crashing, changing different settings here and there.

11:00: Always looking at a computer screen, blah oh well, the TV is a nice distraction for a little while too.

11:59: The problem is not resolved yet, but I can’t stay up all night and work on this, I have been up too long already.

© Craig