Chemo Day #7 + 6


12:30: I wake up.  My dad is watching the Saints Game.  I let Buster out, and sit and watch a little bit of the Saints game with him, but I must work on the server that I started working on last night.  I go lay back in my bed in my room and turn on the game in there.

1:15: I finish the customizations on the new server, only to find out that the beginning stages where not setup right and I have to small partitions instead of one large partition on the virtual hard drive.

3:30: Saints win!35-28 over Tampa Bay.

4:00: My mom made her good homemade tacos, by cooking some meat mixed with some pork, and adding the taco mix packets.  Tacos are always great, I eat them plain mostly because I don’t want to try the jalapenos or the tomato sauce because I am not sure how it will agree with my stomach.

5:00: I work a little bit more on my laptop in my room.

6:00: I decide I need to go clean off my desk and setup my 3rd monitor on my computer setup at the house.  When the radiation starts up, I am not sure if I will have the strength to be driving back and forth from work etc, so I will have my home setup the same way so I can try to work mostly remotely, by then my partner should be able to completely be back in the office with me and he can take on the work that needs to be done onsite for me while I am going through the radiation.

7:00: My wife get’s home asks a few questions on what I am setting up, and trying to learn how things work.

7:30: I have my 3 monitors setup.  I go back to finishing up the configuration of the server while working on a few other things.

9:00: I start to configure the settings for the new server and all the configurations.

11:30I am done the server setup.  I start to transfer settings from the server that is messing up to the new server.  I start doing more research on the server that keeps crashing too.

11:59: Still working on the servers, but I think I may be onto the reason the original server is crashing.

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