Chemo Day #7 + 7


9:37: I get a a phone call from a client who is having issues sending emails.  I am half awake/half asleep and listen to the client explain the problem.  I tell the client I will log onto the server and take a look at the issue, and then when I am done with that I will connect to her computer and change her sent items folder to show who’s she sending to as the column instead of who is sending the emails, since all the emails are sent by her.

9:45: I get off the phone, and doze back off.

10:15: I get on the my desktop computer at home and remote into the server.  I see the issue and create and additional send connector for the domain they are having issues sending to because they don’t like the ISP being used as the relay server.

10:45: I call up the client, and have them send out a few more emails which they are able to do, I also change the column issue from the sender to the receiver so she can see who she actually sent the emails to, because she knows she is the one who sent them in the first place.

11:15: I jump into the shower.

11:25: I jump out the shower.

11:35: In my van heading to my office.

11:45: I get to my office.

12:00: A client comes over and brings a laptop that she needs a few things taken care of on it.  I also get a call from a client who’s Internet Explorer is freezing up, and emails are not coming in either  I do this support remotely.  She prefers to wait, so I do the virus scan, and remove some malware that is on it.  I also clean the registry and remove the temporary internet files.  The computer is running much faster once I am done.

1:30: My client leaves with her laptop all fixed.  I then work on finishing up the remote client’s computer by disabling add ons.  The scans came back clean.

2:00: I continue working on the remote machine I am fixing.

2:15: I call back the email client, and see if they are having any other issues.  She had an issue, but the outbox cleared out all of the emails.  The outbox probably backed up when I restarted the exchange server earlier when I was working on the send connectors.

2:30: I check on the linux virtual server, and it is running very well with not really any server load on it at all.

3:00: I am done with the remote computer.  I call him up, go over everything with him, and he is good to go!

3:30: I call up a client to check on how they are doing.  They happen to have an issue browsing the web.  Mozilla keeps freezing.  I have issues accessing the web using mozilla, internet explorer and google chrome, so its definitely a computer issue.  I do a complete clean of the computer, I remove over 10GB of files, 1100 registry issues, and remove a number of unneeded programs that came from a previous owner, as this is a new client I just got in June and I have never been able to do a complete clean of the computer.  After the complete clean the computer seems to be running much cleaner and the internet works again.

4:30: I get a call from a client who got their new computer today.  They already pulled it out the box and want to start loading the software on it and customizing it.  I tell them to go through the setup process with me on the phone, and install my remote client, and I will remote in and get them all setup, and then they can install their programs and their customize it the way they want tomorrow.

5:30: I get a call from a client who is having issues installing Rosetta Stone.  I tell the client to bring the computer over to my office, and I will take care of it.  She is right next door, so she walks over with the laptop and the software.  I go to work on the computer.  It takes forever, and I still can’t get it, she has to go back to work, and just leaves the laptop with me.

7:30: I go back on my computer and remote into the laptop, as I work on the other client’s desktop remotely.

9:00: I am just waiting for a scan to finish up on the remote client’s computer.  The Rosetta stone laptop has some bigger issues.  I see it best to completely clean the laptop before continuing any further trying to install Rosetta Stone on the computer.  I do a full clean, removing 5GB of unneeded files, and over 600 registry issues.  I then start a Malwarebytes scan on it, which goes by very very slow!

10:00 I leave the office, and head back home!  I have been here long enough today.

10:15: I get home.  I eat some red beans and rice, along with some cut up sausage end hot dogs.  The hot dogs was something different that my dad threw in this time, and what do you know, it came out really good!

10:45: I get on my desktop and continue watch the scan on the remote laptop go.  I finish the scan on the remote client and then remove unneeded software.  I then get Mozilla running again with no issues.  I finish up the new computer that I was installing the basic programs on and the normal initial setup along with quickbooks, printers, and shared drives.

11:59: Well what do you know, I think I am going to play some Call of Duty 2 for an hour and then go to bed.  You can see my hour of play at the top right hand corner of my blog 😛



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