Chemo Day #7 + 8


12:00: I start an hour of Call of Duty.  I get on a server I sometimes played on, and boy do I suck!  I guess its a combination of the Chemo, and not having played the game in over a year.  I dedicated my time completely to Hands Free Help to get projects going, and to work on some programming for the administrative side of the company.  I can’t hit anything, and am getting killed more than I am killing the first map or two.  My gameplay improves a little bit as I play, but not by much.

1:00: I am done playing for tonight.  Time for me to go get some sleep!

10:15: I get a call from a client that wakes me up.  She has some questions about not being able to log into her computer.  This is the new computer I setup last night, I figured that the updates reset the wireless network setting to always keep the wireless network adapter on and not put it to sleep to save power, so she doesn’t have a network connection and can’t sign on because the computer does not have access to the server.  I have her restart the computer and then she can log in with no issues.

11:15: Jamie calls me up and wake’s me up… Again…  He is heading to the office to pick up some paperwork that was delivered yesterday that he needs to do some business with today.  I tell him that I can meet him there, I just need to grab a quick shower.

11:20: I let buster out, and get my stuff for the shower, and then let him back in.

11:25: I jump in the shower.

11:35: I jump out the shower.

11:45: I am on my way to the office.

11:55: I get to the office, and Jamie is there.  We talk for a little bit about things that are happening and what he needs to go do today.

12:45: Jamie heads on out the office, and I get back to work.  Everything is going pretty smooth today.

1:00: I go across the hall and take care of a malware issue.  This malware takes up the full screen, claims have reported some information to the FBI, and wants you to pay them $200 to clean your computer so you won’t get in trouble.  I disable the processes, do a quick scan, manually remote the infected files, and then restart the computer with no issues.  I tell the user that everything is ready to go, and head back over to my office.

1:30: I am back on my computer working on a few things including the laptop that finally finished its full scan of the computer after over 11 hours of scanning.  That is way too long, there is something wrong with this laptop.  Time to check for driver updates, possibly a Storage Array Driver.    Sure enough there is one of those drivers available.  I install that.  The computer then seems to be running better.  I try to install the 10 updates that are waiting, and they keep failing.  I download a Fix It from Microsoft’s websites, and tell it to do the aggressive fix.  I then start reinstalling all Windows Vista Updates on the computer.

4:00: A client calls me up about a printing issue on their Adobe Photoshop.  It is a new install, and they were able to print from another program, just not adobe, I ask the client to reinstall Adobe, it could be an issue with the install.

5:00: Service Pack 2 for Vista, Lovely!

6:00: I email the client with the printing problem, and reinstalling didn’t fix a thing.  I will remote in later tonight and check the computer.

6:30: I catch up on some admin work while the final windows updates install.

7:15: I also start reformatting the old workstation that took the previous Friday when I put a new computer in.  All the data is off of the computer, so time to clean it up and prepare it to do a new function in a different part of the office.

8:00: The reinstall is done.  I need network drivers, I put a flash drive in my computer go to the Dell’s website, download the latest drivers, and then take the flash drive and put it in the other computer and install the network drivers.  I then install my remote software so that I can work on it remotely.

8:30: Back at my desk, installing updates on that computer I just reformatted.

9:00: A restart and more updates…

9:30: Plenty of updates while doing some admin work.

10:00: And more updates.

10:30: I have had enough here for today, time for me to head on home!

10:45: I get home.

11:00: I check on my remote computers, the laptop is almost done installing its round of updates, and the desktop.

11:15: I log onto another round of gaming tonight!  Call of Duty 2 again it is!

11:59: Still gaming!

© Craig