Chemo Day #7 + 9


12:00: Still playing my Call of Duty 2 🙂

1:00: I am done playing for tonight!  Time to go to bed, I am pretty tired.  I see playing my game, makes my eyes a little more tired and easier to fall asleep.

11:00: I am up.  I let Buster out.  I check a few things on my computer, and send out a few emails.

11:40: I jump in the shower.

11:50: I jump out the shower.

12:00: I get in my van, and head on over to my office.

12:10: I get to my office.  I start reinstalling Rosetta Stone on the laptop I am working on.

12:20: I fix me a bowl of Chicken Flavored Ramen Noodles.  I fill up a bowl 1/4 with water and throw the block of Ramen Noodles in the bowl.  It barely covers the noodles half way.  I throw it in the microwave for 6 minutes.  I also mix myself a cup of my diet instant mix lipton iced tea.

12:30: My noodles are ready, I take them out the microwave and pour the chicken flavor from the packet on top of the noodles and stir them up and enjoy!

12:40: I finish up my noodles and hand wash the bowl and dry it, and put it up.

1:00: The Rosetta Stone is done installing, wow, only took 30 minutes.  I put the first language lesson cd into the computer and let it start loading.

1:15: I start working on a phone line for our handyman business.  We only have one way audio.  After making a number of changes on the hardware, even resetting it, I get another hardware device and plug it in, configure it and start making more test calls.

1:30: One of those days.  My emails are all messed up in my account.  I have not lost any emails, but I had like 30 email accounts listed in my favorites folder list, so I could see the inbox folder of all the accounts, and not have to sort through the folder list.  I resort all the folders, get everything set up like it was supposed to be, alot of small tedious things.

2:00: I put in the second language lesson cd.

3:00: I finally have 2 way audio again!  I am done working on the phone.

4:00: I update a few minor things on a website for a client, and also call up my partner on it.

4:15: I put the third language lesson cd in the laptop.

4:45: I finish editing the site I am working on.

5:00: I check on a few things.

5:30: Along with multitasking and taking care of multiple small things, I get the email straightened out as well.

5:45: I email my brother in law back, he is looking to get a website going for his boss, who wants to do an eCommerce website.  We email back and forth the details so I can determine how much is involved and what to charge.

6:41: I get a call from the laptop owner wondering the status of the laptop.  I tell them that it has become a project because of the malware and windows issues that were on the computer.  All of these issues has to be taken care of first before being able to install Rosetta Stone.

7:00: I put the fourth language lesson cd into the laptop.

7:15: Back to some admin working and checking on a few things in the office.

9:05: I get a call from a client who is having issues with quickbooks.  I help them with their quickbooks issue,  they also have multiple antivirus applications installed along with issues browsing the internet.  I take care of all these issues for them, and they are good to go.

10:20: I get off the phone with the client, and close the work order and ticket for helping them out.

10:45: I am done for tonight.  I do my closing duties and then head down to the car.

10:50: I jump in my van and head on home.

11:00: I get home.

11:05: I jump on my desktop, check a things, and then jump onto some Call of Duty 2 gaming.

© Craig