Chemo Day #8 + 1


9:49: My business partner calls me up and asks me what I am up to.  I tell him that I am still sleeping, I just had my chemo yesterday and I am out of it.  He tells me not to worry about it and for me to get my rest.

10:04: I get a call from a client who can’t burn in Roxio because another user has the program in use.  We have had this issue a few times where a user didn’t shut down roxio properly and there was a file created by the user upon opening Roxio that wasn’t deleted and therefore no other users can use it to that file is deleted.

10:10: I remote into the desktop. I browse from the file, and have to search where the file is again because I don’t recall exactly where it is with my memory in and out of it with the chemo.

10:40: I finally find the file and email the client that they should be able to use Roxio again.

11:13: Sure enough they email me back saying everything is working as it should.

11:25: I get an email from a client who has issues with lines going down the page when copying items.  I tell them it sounds like a white out issue or dirt on the glass and to clean the glass and the line issues should go away.

11:35: They email me back after cleaning and saying now the copies are too light.  I tell them to check the contrast and brightness/darkness settings on the copy settings, and see if changing them resolves the issues.

1:25: I go to the back room and get a pizza out the freezer.

1:35: I throw the pizza in the oven.

1:55: They email me back, all is well, they are copying with no issues now, just some dirt, and setting issues.

1:56: I get an email from a client seeing if she really needs to renew her warranty on her three dell computers she purchased last year.  I told her that it is really a gamble.  Most of the Dell computers usually don’t have hardware issues with them, especially desktops within the first 3 or 4 years because they are not usually moved around much, and besides lightning strikes and static electricity which is not covered by the basic warranty anyway, they usually last at least 5 – 6 years before developing any hardware issues.

2:00: I take the pizza out the oven.  I like the taste of store bought oven baked pizzas.

2:20: I am back on my computer checking on a few things here and there.

3:30: My mom gets home and she has picked up some Indian Food from a different restaurant that is much closer than the other two Indian Restaurants, I just did a google search earlier today and found one only a few blocks away.  I just needed some additional Indian rice for some Indian food I had left over from the previous night.

4:00: I get off the phone with Jamie, and then warm up the Indian Food that I had left over from the night before and added the rice that my mom bought today to make my meal.

4:30: I am stuffed from the Indian food and the Pizza I had today.

5:00: I go lay down in bed, I am tired of sitting up.

6:00: I am half watching TV half working on the computer.  I am just tired from sitting up at the other computer.

7:00: I jump onto a laptop for the restaurant I was working on and configure the google drive for data syncing between the desktop and the laptop.

8:00: I finish the syncing setup and testing.

9:00: I setup the printer to send back reports on toner and drum replacement needs, and also any errors that the printer comes across and relay those errors to me via email.

10:00: I eat some candy, but my stomach is not too happy with candy at the moment.

10:15: I do some additional research on some other projects I have coming up here and there.

11:00: I am starting to doze in and out, just tired.

11:59: I am putting my computer on the night stand and going to crash…  My stomach is still full!


© Craig