Chemo Day #8 + 11


11:00: I am up.

11:10: In the shower.

11:20: Out of the shower.

11:30: Getting the computer ready to be delivered.

11:40: I head out the door with my wife, me to a client’s office, her to school.

11:50: I go to BestBuy to pick up a wireless adapter

12:00: I leave BestBuy.

12:15: I get to my client’s office, I drop off the computer and pick up an old server and computer for recycling.  I attempt to setup up the computer, but no screen for the computer, so I will need to order another screen.

1:15: I head on out, and back to my office to pick up my incoming shipments.

1:20: I return my Best Buy Purchase.  I don’t need it today, and I can get a better deal from a dealer of mine.

1:25: I am back in my van heading back to the office.

1:35: I get back to my office.

1:40: I go across my hall and pick up my shipments.  My headphones, and an iPad for a client.

1:50: I get a call from a client to ship them the toner and drum I ordered them.  I go online and process a shipping label through fedex.

2:10: I am heading out of my office.

2:20: I drop my package off for shipping at the FedEx/Kinko location.

2:45: I walk in and start going to work.  I setup the iPad on the wireless network, I then look at a computer that is having issues and find that its just that the Antivirus was running its scans at noon on Friday.  I changed the scan time.  I then walked around with the iPad and was getting very low coverage by the front door.  I need to install an additional wireless access point,   I have just the one in mind.  I walk around trying to find the best location for the access point upstairs so it will cover upstairs and give great coverage towards the front of the restaurant downstairs.  I will order it next week.  One of the owners comes back with a payment check, I thank them for everything, and tell them I’ll be back for additional work when the restaurant is more complete and not as rough.

3:50: I am heading back to my office.

4:00: I stop by McDonalds and pick up 2 McDoubles to put something in my stomach.  I have  a small headache and need to put something in my stomach.

4:15: I get back to my office.

4:20: I go to the restaurant right by my office because they left me a message to stop by when I had a chance.  They want me to run a CAT5e cable from the switch to the front door just about.  The maintenance guy is there and ask what I am doing, and tell me that its going to be a very hard cable run as there are alot of tight squeezes.  He offered to run it for me so that I don’t have to crawl around.

4:45: I head back to my van, get my McDoubles and checks from my van, and head upstairs.

5:00: I enjoy my two McDoubles.

5:15: I start doing administrative work, closing out work orders and helpdesk tickets and getting things ready to bill clients.

8:30: I am done closing out all the work I have done.

9:00: I head home, and heat up some Chinese rice and pepper steak.

9:45: I lay in bed and watch tv, and am on my laptop relaxing.  I don’t feel like gaming tonight, just tired.

10:10: I am off napping..

10:50: I wake up do some where, half awake half asleep, but back to my laptop.

11:59: I put up my laptop and just watch some TV.  I am tired…  Catch ya’ll tomorrow…

© Craig