Chemo Day #8 + 12


10:12: I get a phone call from a client, it barely wakes me up, and I just doze back off without answering it.

10:47: I get another call from another client, it barely wakes me up, and I just doe back off.

11:30: I wake up, I check my message, one client’s laptop will not boot, the other client’s is just returning his list of missed calls, and we had already talked the day before.

12:00: I warm up some Boudin Sausage.

1:00: I return my client’s phone call.  I give him the options of replacing the hard drive or purchasing a new laptop.  He decided that he wants to purchase a new laptop.  I tell him I will go to Dell’s website last today and email him a Dell cart that he can check out using his iPad.

1:30: I reply to a client’s email who is having issues remoting into her computer.  I reply with further instructions on how to do this.

2:00: I start pricing out different laptops for my client.

2:30: I email my client the dell cart that I think he should purchase.

3:00: I start doing some programming on a project that I am working on.

6:00: My parents come home and start frying some fish.  It was either frying or on the BBQ Pit.  I told them let’s fry them because Monday is another Chemo treatment for me, and I won’t be able to eat any fried foods again for a while after my chemo treatment because my stomach won’t feel up to it.

6:30: My dad is done frying the fish.  I have a few pieces of fried fish and ketchup.

7:30: I am back on my computer doing some additional programming.

9:30: I am done programming for tonight!  Time to do some gaming!

11:59: Still gaming, Call of Duty 2!


© Craig