Chemo Day #8 + 13


3:00: I am done my 5.5 hours of gaming for the night.  Less gaming equals longer gaming sessions…

12:15: I wake up.  I go in the Den and turn on the Saints Game against the Atlanta Falcons.  They are down 10-0, oh well, we’ll see how this ends up.

1:30: My dad throws some sausage, chicken, and hot dogs on the BBQ Pit.

2:00: The food is great.  YUMMY!

3:15: The game is over 🙂  Saints Won…

4:00: I get on my computer and start doing some more programming.

6:00: Still programming and testing things out.

7:00: I talk to Jamie about a few things we got going on on a few different fronts.

8:00: Back to programming.

11:00: I am done with the computer for today…  Short day, not too much going on, very simple…  Chemo is tomorrow, blah, I am going to relax, lay in bed and fall asleep.

11:59: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz………….

© Craig