Chemo Day #8 + 2


8:18: I get an email from a client needing help with an application on their computer system.  However it seems that to upgrade this application, another primary application in the organization will need to be updated first.  I will have to contact the software manufacturer for steps on upgrading the software to their current release as this is custom software.

11:00: I get out of bed, and let Buster out.  I try to sit at my computer for a little bit to do some work.

11:20: The client calls me about the same thing that they emailed me about.  I have them explain to me what brought the upgrade about, and they had gotten a call from the software people about upgrading the application but discovered that the main software needed to be upgraded first.  I told them to email me all contact that they had with the software company that contacted them so that I can contact both companies to figure out the best way to upgrade them.  I will look into this next week when I am feeling better.

11:40: I go get ready to get my shower, shave my head, and shave my face.

11:50: I jump into the shower.

12:00: I jump out of the shower.

12:05: I get a call from my brother-in-law looking for a Point-Of-Sale solution for a pharmacy setup that will accept different cards and insurances.  I tell him I will have to do some research on it.

12:17: I get an email from a client asking if I have control over the name servers for their domain name because they are changing from one hosting provider and web designer to another, and need the name servers changed to the reflect the new name servers to redirect traffic to the new server.  I know completely over your head if you are not in the tech world, but it is what it is…

12:35: I start doing some research on the domain registrar and do a password reset, I then email the client for them to forward me the password reset email.

1:00: They forward the email to me, and then I go to work changing the domain servers.

1:30: After doing updates the domain account and changing the domain servers, I email everyone and let them know the changes have been made.

1:45: I go back to doing research for the Point-Of-Sale solution with the pharmacist solution.

2:00: I go back to laying down in my bed, I just don’t have the energy to sit up in my chair at my desk at home and continue to work.

2:47: I get an email from a client who has questions about printing up labels on their printer.  I remote into the computer and shadow them through the label printing process.  I walk her through how to print the labels and redirection the paper when inputing it into the printer to have the labels print up correctly.

4:10: I get an email from a client wanting to follow through with purchasing an iPad for an application needed in what they are putting together.

4:30: I follow through with purchasing the iPad for the client.

5:00: My dad throws some fish on the BBQ pit outside.

5:40: The fish is ready to eat.  This fish is good!  I haven’t had some grilled/bbq’d fish in a while.

6:30: I am back in my room laying on my bed, doing some administrative work, inputting time and billing for the work that I have done the past week.

10:30: I am done doing all that admin work.  I just lay in bed and watch some TV as I slowly doze off.

11:59: Yup still dozing…


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