Chemo Day #8: ~~~~ 4 More to Go


Possibly My Last Chemo, If My Pet Scan Results come back under 2’s next week! Then Radiation…

12:00: I am still playing my Call of Duty 2 game…

2:00: I quit playing for tonight.

2:05: I update my blog, prepping it for later today, another chemo day.

2:30: I head on off to bed!

7:40: I get a call from a client, they are getting a message that their dns server is down. I look at the list of computers and all of them at that office or offline. I tell the doctor that I will head over and check it our for him while he goes and visits patients in the hospital.

7:50: I jump in my van and leave my house.

8:00: I get to the office and log onto a computer. The server is up, just the t1 line is down causing the internet and the phones not to be working. I do some basic troubleshooting and then see the red alarm light in the T1. I attempt to call up at&t and they are of no help. I then, called the number listed on the phone for nuvox. Windstream answers the phone and explain the issue to the tech. They create a ticket and tell me it is setup with a critical status since both internet and phone are down.

I check a few things then get a call back from windstream. The want the status of the router, and I give them the status of the T1 too, 1 red light and 2 green lights. They have me restart the nuvox router. What do you know, it takes about 5 mins, but the data and the phones come back up online. I make a few test searches and everthing pulls up with no issues. I tell them the issue is resolved and they will leave the ticket open to the end of the day.

9:30: I am heading back home to my house, maybe ill get some rest in…. Yeah right.

9:45: I get a phone call or two on the office line when I get home and answer them. I then check on a few things on the computer.

10:00: I do some research on some packages that I am working on.

11:00: My wife wakes up and gets in the shower, however as she walked through the room, she asked me to make some of her green tea and condensed milk.

11:15: I take care of her tea while walking back and forth to my computer answering client emails.

11:45: I am done on the computer for now.

12:00: I start shaving my head. It’s not fun, since I havnt done it in a dew days.

12:10: I jump in the shower.

12:20: I jump out the shower.

12:30: I put on the lidocaine cream to deaden the skin around my port since not doing it really hurta.

12:35: My uncle frank calls me as I am finishing up. I ask him to give me 5. I finish up the cream, tell Buster to get in his cage which he does by walking over to it pawwing the door with his paw to open it up, gets in, and waits inside his treat. I lock him up, grab my laptop, keys, wallet, phone, and laptop and head out. I lock up and jump in Uncle Frank’s car.

12:40: He drives me over to EJGH.

12:50: I get dropped off and to my normal desk to checkin and they tell me to head upstairs as they moced the checkin location.

12:54: I checkin upstairs and have a seat.

1:00: They give me a pager that they will buzz when its my turn.

1:03: A nurse comes around and starts calling out names and takes their blood pressure and temperatures.

1:10: My stats are taken:118/85 Blood Pressure

1:48: I am still sitting here waiting for them to call my name or my pager to ring. I have dozed off enough once to drop my phone, but I have been in and out of it.

2:15: Still waiting in the waiting room…

2:30: Still waiting in the waiting room…

3:05: My name is called, and I am led into the back.  Well what do you know, I get to be in Bed 2, the same place I was in when I started my first chemo.

3:15: She starts my needle, but has problems pulling blood back.  I tell her that they had a problem with this the first time and used some cathflo to remove the blockage.  My nurse today is going to try some heprin to see if that will clear the clot.  If it does we’ll move on, if not, we’ll get some cathflo ordered to break up the clot and then move on.

3:30: She puts the heprin into me.  We will wait 15 minutes, and then she will try to pull the blood back.

3:45: Another nurse comes in and tries to pull some blood back, which she is able to.  She puts the saline drip in and let’s that start working into my system.

4:00: The nurse comes back with the bag of  Zofran and the Decadron hangs it and starts pumping that into me.

4:05: My dad arrives, and has a seat.  We talk for a little bit and watch NCIS as well.

4:20: The nurse brings my bag of emend and starts pumping that into me.

4:45: Here comes the bag of the nasty red stuff, blah, Adriamycin, I could do without it, but my body needs it so suffer I must.  I ask for a Popsicle, either the orange or the purple, NOT THE RED!  They bring me 2 packs, I pick the orange and my dad gets the purple.

5:00: I get my dad to grab me two purples out of the freezer, I don’t want the possibility of tasting the bad stuff at all, and the cold Popsicle help minimize if not completely hide the taste of this nasty tasting drug.

5:05: They flush my line with more saline drip.

5:15: They nurse wants to change up the order, I refer back to my blog and tell the nurse that they have always administered the drugs to me in a certain order, and I read her the order from my blog.  She then hooks up the next drug Bleomucin in order of my blogging history.

5:40: That drug is done being pumped in, they flush my line with additional saline.

5:50: Another nurse comes in and pushes my Vinblastine out of the syringe.

5:57: She is done this push and let’s the saline flush the line for a little bit.

6:05: My next and final drug, Dacarbazine is hooked up and they start pushing that into me.

6:40: That final drug is done being pushed.  They flush out my line a little bit with the saline.

6:50: She takes off my patch that is holding the needle into my port, and then pulls the needle out.  Thank goodness I don’t feel a thing.

7:00: We walk out of the room, as always I stop for my bathroom break by the elevator before heading out to the car.  I gotta flush some of all those bags of liquids they just pumped into me.

7:05: Back in the elevator and downstairs we head.  This is the latest I have ever left the Yenni Treatment Center.  It is a bit chilly, but not that bad, as we walk to the CRV, only about 5 cars in the parking lot too.

7:20: We get home.  My mom asks me what I am up to eating.  I don’t want anything that will blend in with the disgusting taste that I have in my mouth.  Some nice strong Indian Food from Taj Mahal sounds appealing.  I want the Lamb Tikka Masala, I love my Lamb.

7:30: I sit in the lazy boy and doze of fairly quickly.

8:45: The food is home.  I dive right into my Lamb Tikka Masalla making 3 helpings of it by spreading it out with plenty of rice.

9:30: That was some great food!  I enjoyed it!  I sit with my wife while she eats her spinach dish.

10:00: I am laying in bed, and it doesn’t take long for me to doze off.

11:59: Still sleeping…..



© Craig