Chemo Day #8 + 8


9:40: I get a call from a client who would like her email setup on her computer at work.  I configure everything on the computer then realize that this user doesn’t have an email account setup yet that is associated with their client’s account.  She first started off as an intern, and she has stayed around longer than expected.  I log into the client’s hosting interface and add this users email account.

9:52: While I was doing all the above, I get an email from a client who would like to bring in her personal computer to my office sometime during the day so that I can work on it.  I email her back telling her that I will let her know once I am back in the office.

10:00: I finish up the email configuration.  I am able to send and receive test emails on her computer, so everything is good to go.

10:30: I get an email from my business partner with a business proposal for me to work on for him for another venture.

10:45: I jump in the shower.

10:55: I jump out the shower.

11:05: I am in my van heading over to my office.

11:15: I am at my office.  I start doing a few things around the office to clean up a little bit while I am working on a few minor things here and there.

12:30: I start working on the client’s computer who had email and printing problems yesterday.   I removed Norton, the network administrator didn’t know the password to remove the Symantec Antivirus, so I downloaded the CleanWipe utility from Norton’s Website and ran that.  After 2 reboots and a number of entry removals, the Symantec Antivirus was off of the computer.  I worked with Outlook changing settings to his emails were coming in almost instantly, as before he wasn’t getting them in at all, and he was able to send out emails pretty quickly too without them hanging in his outbox. I started working on the drivers for the printer so that he could directly print to the printer instead of printing to the servers in CO to print back to the local printer.  At first the printer was printing gibberish, we then switched the printer drivers and was able to print with no problems, and very quick too with no errors like before.

4:00: Another user at the same location is having a similar issue with her computer.  Again, this is not my network, I am just a subcontractor and am limited to working on the local machines and not the network setup.  Just trying to get around on the computer was very sluggish and slow.  It took forever to launch applications and to do various tasks on the computer.  I ran CCleaner, and removed over 4GB of temporary files, over 1000 Registry Issues, and removed a number of uneeded items from the start up menu.  I also ran Clean Wipe on the computer and let it reboot twice to completely remove the Symantec Antivirus running on the machine.  Once this was done the computer was running much quicker.  I then added the printer as a local printer.  Everything is running much quicker, and the user can print her own documents now as the network printer has been setup as a direct print from her computer to the IP Address.

7:00: I am done with all that foolishness, all fixed!

7:30: I get in my van and head home.  I am bringing home the two toners for a client’s office that emailed me earlier stating that they need toner for their fax machine because the machine has completely stopped working and is saying replace toner.  I also bring home a toner cartridge for my printer at home, and another toner cartridge for the person who’s printer installed on Saturday whom just so happen is cooking me dinner tonight and dropping it off at the house.

7:45: I get home.

7:50: I get my dinner together!  Here’s the menu, all laid out, salad, Fettuccine Alfredo, Chicken Parmesan, Spinach With Cheese and Breadcrumbs, and a soup.   Mmm, all really good stuff, but I can’t eat too late, as I have my PET Scan tomorrow!  My sugars need to be low in order to do the PET Scan, and I can’t eat anything after midnight.

8:35: I am stuffed!  Time to head down to my client’s location and deliver that toner for their fax machine.  My dad is driving tonight.

8:45: We are in the car headed uptown.

9:00: We are at the client’s office.  I put one toner in the cabinet, and the other toner in the fax machine, which it then proceeds to print out at least 100 pages in stored faxes.

9:10: My dad and I head on out, and headed back home.

9:45: We get back home.

10:00: I go lay in bed and follow up with the work I was doing earlier today, and do some billing.  I also do some programming as well, and review some info for some projects that I need to work on.

11:59: I am dozing off here and there.   Now I am completely out of it….  Night

© Craig