Chemo Day #9 + 1


11:45: I get up out of bed.  I am feeling a little nauseated and take a Zofran.  I let Buster out and then check my emails.

12:00: I return a few emails.  I sit down for a little bit and watch some TV, I don’t feel like sitting up in the computer chair anymore.

2:50: I get back on my computer and send out Invoices that I ran the other day, but just didn’t send out.

4:00: I check on a client’s home wireless that was having some issues, however their nephew has figured out the issue and fixed it.

6:00: I eat some chicken fettuccine pasta that my mom made when she came home.  I am still a little nauseated, so bland is good!

7:30: I check a few more things on my computer, and send out a few more emails, but I have had it for the night, I am going to go lay down in bed and take a Phenergan, I don’t feel all that great.

8:15: I am in bed watching TV, and relaxing, feeling a little nauseated.

10:00: I doze off…

11:59: Still dozing….


© Craig