Chemo Day #9 + 11


11:00: I wake up.  I let Buster out.

11:25: I jump in the shower.

11:35: I jump out the shower.

11:45: I head on out to get my blood work done since I couldn’t do it yesterday.

11:55: My normal blood work place is closed, I go to a location they have posted on the door as being open.

12:10: I get to the second location and they tell me that the closed at 12:00….  Just great!

12:15: I head back to my office.

12:30: After calling a number of offices, I call the main office and they confirm that all locations closed at noon.

12:45: I call EJGH and ask to the speak to the Outpatient Oncology Department.  They transfer me, and Beth picks up the phone.  I explain to Beth the situation that I am scheduled for chemo on Monday, but I have not had my bloodwork done since yesterday was Thanksgiving and they closed today.  I told Beth that I had done my lab work there once before, and wasn’t sure if I could get it done there again.  She said she would look this up for me and puts me on hold.  She comes back on the phone after a brief hold and says that they could do my bloodwork and have it ready for Monday morning so that the Doctor can approve the chemo.  Beth tell me to come over at 4:00.

1:00: I take care a few things remotely and also take care of a few things around the office.

2:30: I head out to a client’s office to do a phone setup that I promise the client.

2:45: I get to the location.  I rewire the terminals under the bar and then setup the phone test out the phone.

3:45: I head on out over to the EJGH to get my bloodwork done.

3:55: I start getting a chest pain when I am making the turn into EJGH.  It is very uncomfortable.  More like pressure in my chest.  I park my van and walk inside and take the elevator up to the second floor and sign in.  I then sit down.  My chest is still hurting It hurts with breathing.  It is not a throbbing pain, just an ache, but very uncomfortable.  I shift around in my chair a few times and try to get comfortable.

4:40: The uncomfortable feeling has gone away just as quick as it came on.

4:50: I am called across the hall to have my blood drawn.  They sit me in a chair.

5:10: They take my blood and patch me up and send me on my way.

5:20: I stop by the store to pick up two phone splitters for the job I am working on.  A grandma who is worries about saving a dollar on 2 bags of chips is arguing with the clerks that the register is ringing it up wrong.

5:35: The finally settle the issue, and I am out and on my way.

5:45: No one was at the location I was working at earlier, I figured they wouldn’t be since it was a Friday, but I thought I would pass by anyways.

6:00: I head on home.  I am just going to take it easy after whatever pain that was earlier.

7:00: I just relax at home.  Watch some NCIS, get on my computer briefly but mainly rest.

11:00: I am laying in bed, on my laptop and watching TV, but taking it easy.

11:59: Another day gone! Goodnight!

© Craig