Chemo Day #9 + 12


10:00: I wake up and take Buster out.

11:00: I head on out.  I have a deposit to make at the Bank and I also have some work to do at the location I was at yesterday.

11:10: I stop by the bank.

11:15: I go to work hanging the new wireless access point and terminating the 4 wires, one which will provide the data connection for the wireless access point on the second floor.

12:15: I am done what I need to do here today.  I will come back later in the week and hook up the data connection and finish the configuration of the wireless access point itself.

12:20: I head on out.

12:30: I pick up 2 McDoubles and McDonalds for lunch.

12:45: I get to my office and eat my McDoubles.

1:00: I rearrange a few things in the office and move over some more cubicle partitions from across the hall.

2:00: I finish piecing together a server, updating the processor and fixing the CPU cool fan.  I then install Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition on it.

3:30: I finish moving the cubicles partitions.

5:00: I finish the updates on the server, and transfer the Call of Duty 2 Server configurations from another server that I have that has a Raid 5, 1 out of 3 drive failure.  I will replace the failing drive later, but its not important data and just COD2 configurations.

6:00: I finish up a client’s computer that I was waiting on to finish up before leaving.

7:00: I head home.

7:20: I get home, and grab a quick bite to eat.

7:40: I am on my computer finalizing some settings on the server remotely.

8:00: I start some of my Call of Duty 2 Gaming.

11:59: Still Gaming, Fun Fun!



© Craig