Chemo Day #9 + 2


7:30: My stomach doesn’t feel too well.  I wake up and take Buster out and hit the bathroom as well.

7:50: I am laying back in bed, but now my stomach is growling…

8:30: I can’t fall asleep with my stomach still growling.  I get up, and I eat some of the chicken fettuccine.

9:15: I am done eating.  Now I feel a little nauseated, great I can’t win…  I take a Zofran.  I lay on the sofa and watch the History Channel with Hitler and WWII.  One of my favorite things to watch.

10:45: My wife gets up and checks on me, I tell her I am feeling a little nauseated.  She is off to get her shower.

11:40: My wife attempts to leaves for school.  She calls me because her car won’t start.  My van is dead as well because my radio is draining my battery.  I go across the street and knock on the neighbors door for him to jump her car.  This is the second time in 2 weeks that he has to jump one of our cars.

11:50: Her car starts up, and she is off on her way to school .I am still feeling nauseated and just laying on the sofa.

12:30: I take a Phenegan and continue watching the History Channel.  I doze off for a little bit.

3:30: I move to my room and get on my computer and do some programming.

5:30: My mom comes home with some fried chicken and a hamburger poboy.  I can’t eat the fried chicken because the fried and greasy side of it is just going to make me sick.  I eat the hamburger poboy.

6:15: I sit in the lazy-boy and watch NCIS.

7:00: I am feeling a little nauseated so I take a Phenegan.

7:45: I am out, the Phenegan knocked me out.

10:30: I wake up, my neck is hurting me from the way I fell asleep in the Lazy Boy.

11:00: I am laying in my bed, watching TV, dozing in and out.

11:59: Still Dozing in and out of it.


© Craig