Chemo Day #9 + 3


12:30: My wife gets me a Phenegan.  I am in and out of it all night.

2:20: I finally wake up.  I get out of bed and let Buster out.

2:30: I take a Zofran because I am still feeling a little nauseated.

3:30: My mom is going to order pizza.  I don’t want to eat any red sauce, so I have my mom order one pizza, no red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms, and the other no red sauce, cheese and mushrooms.

4:05: My mom drops off the Pizza’s and her and my dad are heading to the Dentist.  I eat a few slices and then get ready to go to my office to check on a few things.

4:25: Buster and I head on over to the office.

4:35: We get to the office.  I leave Buster in the car, it is nice and cool/chilly outside, so he will be fine, I go upstairs, and get the box of cable that I promised I would drop off at the restaurant across the parking lot so that Scott could run the cable needed for their new reservation system can be installed.  The run has to go through the attic and is too small for me to crawl and I am in no shape to be crawling the attic at this time.

4:50: I get Buster on my way back into the office and bring him upstairs with me.

5:00: I run payroll, pay bills, and take care of a few minor things around the office.  I am feeling a little nauseated, good thing I am not walking around and just sitting.

5:55: Buster and I head out.

6:05: In the CRV driving home.

6:15: I get home.  My wife can’t start her car.  I put Buster inside and then pull up next to her car and put the jumper cables on.  She is able to start it up as soon as the cables are connected.

6:25: I put the CRV in front of my Van.  I have to let it sit for about 20 minutes before I am able to start it up, my battery was completely dead because of my radio.

6:45: My van starts up.  I take the cables off, and my dad moves the CRV back into the driveway.  I sit in the van, turn on the internal lights, and take out the radio.  I accidentally pull off the indicator light for the alarm, and I get 2 wire nuts and put the wires back together so that the alarm indicator light will work again.

7:30: I am back inside.  I lay on the sofa and watch NCIS.  I take a Zofran as I am still feeling a little nauseated.

11:00: I get up and check a few things, but I am going to go to bed.  I take another Zofran and my antibiotics.  I let Buster out and then back in and I head to bed.

11:20: I am just laying in bed, catching up my blog.

11:59: Bed time…..

© Craig