Chemo Day #9 + 4


10:38:  A call with an out of the area area code calls.  I just ignore this call, most probably another telemarketer.

11:00: I get up out of bed and let Buster out and check the computer real quick.

11:30: I jump in the shower.

11:45: I jump out the shower.

12:00: I head over to the office.  My van starts up with no issues after the work I did the other night.

12:15: I get to the office.

12:30: I work on a few things here and there, still feeling a little weak and nauseated, but not too bad.  I do some shredding and get rid of everything that was sitting in a box waiting to be shredded.

2:15: I go across the hall and pick up the packages that were delivered over there.  One of the packages was a handheld scanner in for scanning documents instead of saving them to scan in the other room on the bigger scanner, I can now scan them right here at my space limited desk.

2:35: I scan the few checks that I have to deposit.

2:45: I walk the 2 blocks down the street to the bank and make the deposit.

2:55: I walk the 2 blocks back to my office.

3:05: I get back to the office and get everything together. I am just going to bring home all the shredded paper and boxes and throw out for the recycling rather than going down to the dumpster which I don’t want to touch.

5:30: I make a few trips across the hallway and dismantle half a cubicle.  They are shutting down at the end of the year and everything must go, and I have a use for the cubicles in the new year, so I just need to dismantle them and take them.  It takes me a while to figure out how to dismantle it, but once I figure it out, I am ready to go to come back later and take apart more.

8:00: I am heading home!

8:10: I get home.

9:30: I jump on the computer and do some gaming!

11:59: Still gaming, yep, Call of Duty 2.

© Craig