Chemo Day #9: ~~~~ 3 More to Go


11:00: I am awake.  I let Buster out.  My dad is home today, it’s a holiday for him, and it’s Veterans Day.  Thanks to all those who are serving and have served our country.

11:45: I jump in the shower.

12:00: I jump out the shower.

12:10: I follow up with a phone call from a client, it has to be quick, I have chemo for 1.

12:35: I get off the phone, I will follow up more with the people in Denver, CO on the issues they are having, but they are about to upgrade their exchange server and some other things, so I will stop working on this until the servers have been upgraded.

12:45: I put on my Lidocane Cream on my port, so that I don’t feel the needle when they push it into my port.

12:50: My dad and I leave for the Yenni Center at EJGH.

1:00: We get there, head upstairs, and I check in, and we sit down.

1:05: I make a call to my oncologist to check to see if my dosage of Chemo has to go up since I have gained some weight since I have started.  Sure enough, they want to ad 10% volume of chemicals to my chemo, but that will start next time.

1:10: I am sitting back in the waiting room with my dad.

1:20: The nurse comes and takes my temperature and my blood pressure.

1:35: The buzzer goes off letting me know to head to the outpatient infusion room.  I go across the hall, put my buzzer in the basket and wait to be seated in one of the Lazy Boys.  The nurse sits me in Chair 5.

1:50: The nurse accesses my port and start pumping the saline drip in.

2:05: The nurse comes back with the bag of  Zofran and the Decadron hangs it and starts pumping that into me.

2:30: The nurse brings my bag of emend and starts pumping that into me.

2:50: Here comes the bag of the nasty red stuff, blah, Adriamycin, I could do without it, but my body needs it so suffer I must.  I ask for a Popsicle, anything but RED!  She brings me some orange.

3:15: The Adriamycin finishes up.

3:25: They flush my line with more saline drip.

3:35:  She then hooks up the next drug Bleomucin.

4:00: That drug is done being pumped in, they flush my line with additional saline.

4:15: Another nurse comes in and pushes my Vinblastine out of the syringe.

4:25: She is done this push and let’s the saline flush the line for a little bit.

4:30: My next and final drug, Dacarbazine is hooked up and they start pushing that into me.

4:55: That final drug is done being pushed.  They flush out my line a little bit with the saline.

5:00: She takes off my patch that is holding the needle into my port, and then pulls the needle out.  Thank goodness I don’t feel a thing.

5:10: We walk out of the room, as always I stop for my bathroom break by the elevator before heading out to the car.  I gotta flush some of all those bags of liquids they just pumped into me.

5:15: Back in the elevator and downstairs we head.  This is the latest I have ever left the Yenni Treatment Center.  It is a bit chilly, but not that bad, as we walk to the Accord.

5:30: We get home.

5:45: I eat some Chinese soup.

6:30: I lay in bed and fall asleep.

10:30: I wake up, use the bathroom, and go lay back down in bed.  My legs feel heavy, and I am tired and weak.

10:45: I pull out my laptop briefly, but don’t stay on it too long.

11:15: The laptop is back on the nightstand, just watching TV.

11:59: ZzZzZz.  I am out of it again…  Another chemo done with.

© Craig