Chemo Day #9 + 5


11:25: I wake up.  My wife’s car wouldn’t start again, so my dad brought her to work and just returned back home.  He already removed the battery from the car and was about to head over to Autozone.  I told him I would take a ride.  We picked up the new battery, installed it in the car and it started up with no problems.  We then went inside and watched some NCIS until my mom returned home.

1:30: My mom returns home, and my dad and I head to my wife’s work to drop off her car.

1:45: We get to her work.

1:50: We are on our way back home

2:05: We get back to the house.

2:15: I jump on the computer and follow up on a few emails and texts that I received while out.

4:00: I jump on COD2 and game for a little bit.

6:00: I take a break and grab a bite to eat.

8:00: Back to my gaming.

11:59: Still gaming.  I see my game is improving some.  My eye hand coordination was way off when I started gaming again, and its slowly improving.

© Craig