Chemo Day #9 + 7


9:13: A phone call wakes me up.  Its the client who just changed to a new web service provider and their email too.  They are getting a number of spam emails ever since they changed their provider.  I remoted into the control panel for the email and website and changed the spam settings.

9:45: I get out of bed, as I am not going to fall back asleep.  I let Buster out.

10:00: I get on my computer in the living room and check a few things.

10:30: I jump in the shower.

10:45: I jump out the shower.

11:00: Back on my computer following up on a few more things.

12:15: I leave the house, and am headed to the office.  My van starts up with no issues.

12:30: I get to my office and pick up the items I need to deliver when I go over to the new restaurant to do some work for them.

12:35: I put together everything for the restaurant and head on over.

12:45: I get to the restaurant.  First thing I do is deliver the toner for their color printer.  I then come back in and go over a few things with them for installation.  Also they are having issues downloading things from iTunes on their new tablet.  I try to register an account and have issues with Apple registering the new account.  I then get on the computer and after a few tries I have everything done the way they need it.  I will be back on Friday when a few more items come in.

2:45: I head out and back to my office.

3:00: I am back at the office.

3:15: I go across the hall and get a package that was delivered today and check on their status.

3:30: I go back to my office and work on a few things remotely.

6:00: I head back home.

6:15: I am at the house.  I grab a bite to eat, simple things since Thursday is Thanksgiving.

7:00: I go lay in bed, turn on the TV, and on my laptop.  Taking care of a few additional things remotely.

8:00: I help my dad take the fridge from the back yard out to the curb as well as the old BBQ pit for trash pick up tomorrow.  He does the heavy lifting, I am there just to guide him out so he doesn’t run into anything moving it around the house.

8:30: I am back inside.  It is a little chilli outside!

8:45: Laying back in bed.

11:59: Off to sleep….

© Craig