Chemo Day #9 + 8


10:00: I wake up, and I am up, no falling back asleep for me today…  I get out of bed, and let Buster out.

10:15: I jump in the shower.

10:30: I jump out of the shower.

11:15: I head on over to the office.

11:30: I get to the office, and go to work checking on shipments that I am waiting to come in.

12:00: I go online and refile for the reseller certificate for another 3 years.

12:30: I order a few additional items requested by a client.

1:00: I remote into a clients computer and take care of a few pop up issues they are having, one being a false FBI warning saying that they have to go to Walmart, purchase a money card and then send them the money card info to get the thing off of their laptop.

2:00: Still working on the other computer and doing a few other things.

3:00: I finish up the computer.

4:00: I get a call from my dad, he and my Uncle Frank are going to be bringing home a new fridge and they need my hand truck that I have in my van.  They will call me when they are heading over to Sears to get it.

6:00: I get the call that they are heading to pick it up.  I finish up what I am working on and then head on out.

6:10: I am in my van.  WOW great, there is an accident right around the corner from my office that has all 4 lanes of Causeway blocked.  I take a few back streets and then am able to get to the other side going the opposite way.  Well going the opposite way, it is blocked down to 1 lane because of the fire truck and other emergency personnel parked to work on the wreck on the opposite side the median.

6:35: I get home and they have the fridge at the back of the truck.  I get the hand truck out and barely help them get the fridge to the ground.  They then roll it around to the back of the house and take off the packaging.

6:50: We plug it in and it starts up.

7:00: My dad heads out with my Uncle Frank to my cousins house.

7:10: I grab a bite to eat.

7:25: I am headed back to my office.  I have some cubicles to take apart.

9:15: My dad shows up at my office and helps me finish moving the dismantled cubicles to my office.

10:30: My dad and I head out and on our way home.

10:45: I get home, and actually a little tired, I should sleep good tonight.

11:00: I lay in bed and pull out my computer.

11:59: Sleep time.  I am exhausted and already dozing in and out and can barely look at the screen for the past hour.

© Craig