Chemo Day #9 + 9


1:00: I wake up and can’t go back to sleep.  I go get a bath to relax.

2:00: I am in bed again, and fall right back asleep.

10:00: I am up.  I do a few things from home as I have a doctor’s appointment for 1:00.

11:00: I take care of a number of things remotely.

12:30: My mom and I head on over to the doctor’s office.

1:00: After parking where people can’t park right, the parking garage, we walk inside.

1:10: We are shown right into a patient room.  The doc checks me out and prescribes me some Ambien CR sleeping pills to help me try to get back to a normal sleeping pattern on the weeks that I don’t have chemo, maybe, I hope…

1:20: My mom and I switch spots, she also has an appointment to follow up with him from her Thyroidectomy she had in April.

1:30: We head on out.  We both pay our CoPays and then out the door.

1:40: We are back at the car.  Now we are headed down town for my mom to drop me off at Canal St & Carondelete St, also known as Canal St & Bourbon St.  I am downtown to look at a property that friend of mine is interested in purchasing and I will have a hand in helping them run and manage it.  They need a major undertaking with IT from the ground up, everything is going to be top notched IT in the new place, so Hands Free Help Technologies will play a very large role in getting this place going 100%.

1:50: I walk the 6 blocks and find the group of people who are going to be looking at the property all part of group who will be working together on this.

2:10: We are allowed inside.  We check out the second floor first, then up to the third, then down to the first.  I see a lot of potential on the location and outlay of this property.

3:30: We walk down the street to a Bar and my friend puts a Bid in on the property.

5:00: We go walk around Bourbon and stop in at a Bar.  I don’t drink and can’t drink, so I am the designated driver for the evening.

7:00: We head on out.

8:00: We get back to my friends house in Chalmette after dropping off a ride that came in with them.  We talk over everything that we saw today and ideas and projections and hopes, we just need to see if the bid goes through.  I also take care of his computers and set up his email while we are at the house.

10:15: Jamie and I head on out from our friend’s house.  Jamie is heading back to Thibodaux and is going to drop me off in Metairie on his way through.

11:00: I get dropped off at the house.

11:05: I am headed out to unlock my wife’s car since she locked her car keys in her car!

11:15: I get to the Starbucks my wife is at and unlock her car for her.

11:20: I am headed back home.

11:30: I am back home.

11:59: I am going to sleep, long day, plenty of food tomorrow.  Time to relax!

© Craig