Chemo Therapy Round 2 – Cycle 1 – Day 2


0:00: Just watching TV and on both of my laptops.

2:30: I finally close my laptops, put the back of my bed down, and doze off.

5:30: Vitals Time, the nurse comes in and checks my blood pressure and temperature.

6:00: I am back on my computers.

7:30: I doze back off.

8:30: Breakfast is served!  Eggs, Grits, Bacon, and a Biscuit.

9:00: Done with Breakfast, I wake my wife up to take my coffee, since I don’t touch the stuff.

9:30: Bathroom time.  Also housekeeping comes in and changes my bed linens.

9:40: The nurse comes in and puts my steroid eye drops in my eyes.  I have been getting these eye drops 9AM, 3PM, & 9PM.  They burn like crazy.

10:00: I can finally open my eyes and see again after those eye drops.

10:10: I am about to get back in bed and I see the sheets have these stains all over them.  I call for housekeeping and explain to them that they just changed my sheets and replaced them stained sheets, they apologize and explain that they will be back shortly to resolve the issue.

10:30: Housekeeping comes back in and I show them the sheets, I believe that the person that replaced my sheets was a resident.  The assistant nurse had to tell them that they get stained sheets int he clean clothes stacks all the time.  She told him to simply don’t put it on, but throw the new clean sheets in the dirty linens bag when they come across such sheets like that.

10:45: Housekeeping is done, and I get back in my bed.

11:00: I am all settled in bed, back to watching TV and on my computers.

11:15: My wife heads on out to school.

12:30: Lunch is delivered.  Orange glazed pork chops, mac and cheese, and steamed broccoli.  Along with a side or two.

2:30: I don’t have much left in my 24 hour drip, the nurse comes in and speeds up the pump rate so that it can complete, and they can get the next set of drugs going.

3:00: The first Chemo drug is done.  Thy come in and hook up my second bag of my steroids, dodecahedron.

3:30: They hook up my second Chemo.  Shannon, my nurse is now being moved over to the Charge Nurse Position, and Louis, who has taking care of me before in the Yenni Outpatient Building, just so happens to be coming on now and will be working to 7AM.  The second chemo will take 2 hours to pump.

5:00: With my sugars being high on the glucose readings from the blood test, they have decided to start monitoring my sugars and put me on a sliding scale for insulin to counter the effects of the steroids.  Louis comes in and sticks me, and I am a 176, and my scale starts at 175, so he will come back with 2 units to stick me with.

5:15: Louis is back and sticks me with the 2 units of insulin.

5:15: My supper arrives, Meatballs and spaghetti, Lemon Cake, Salad and a chocolate chip cookie.

5:30: My bag of the steroids is done infusing, and Louis comes in with my Saline and Sugar Water solution.  He sees I am eating, and tells me he will come back in a little bit to give me time to finish my meal before hooking up the flush.

5:45: My parents arrive.

5:50: I am done my supper, and the pump starts going off.  I call Louis and he comes in and hooks up the flush and starts up the pump.

6:00: My dad takes my food tray and puts it outside on top of the food cart.

6:15: I am a little tired and I doze off.

7:45: I wake up.  My wife had come, but then realized she forgot her work shoes, so her and my Dad headed back home to go pick up her shoes while I was still sleeping.

8:00: My dad and my wife arrive back to my room.

9:00: Louis comes back in and checks my blood glucose level again, it is 316.  He comes back with 8 units of insulin, this burns a little bit!

9:45: My mom and my dad head on out.

10:00: I start flipping through channels and turn on Rambo.

11:00: I am out again sleeping.

11:59: Another day gone, and I am still sleeping with no issues!

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