Chemo Therapy Round 2 – Cycle 1 – Day 3 – Discharge


3:30: I am awaken by Louis coming in to my room to hang the bag of Chemo that needs to be administered for 2 hours.  He comes in, hangs it, and then on his way.

5:30: The alarm starts going off on the pump as the 2 hours of chemo are done being administered.  Louis comes in and hooks up the Saline bag to flush and then takes back off.

5:45: Louis comes back in with another saline and sugar water solution to flush me with.  He first takes a 2 syringes of blood from my port line for some blood work, and then hooks up the solution he brought in.

6:00: I doze back off.

7:45: I am awaken by Louis coming back in to check my blood sugars my blood sugars is 262.  Elise also comes in and checking back in with me since she is back on duty today.

7:50: My mom arrives.

8:00: Elise comes back in with 6 units of insulin and gives it to me.

8:15: Breakfast arrives and is pretty good.

8:45: Elise comes back and tells me that I have been discharged.

9:00: I sign all the paperwork for the discharge.

9:15: I feel very nauseated and dash off to the bathroom just in time, yes disgusting I know, but it is what it is as it happened, blah! Not fun!

9:30: I am out of the bathroom.

9:45: Elise calls for transportation.

9:50: My mom goes and gets the car.

10:00: Transportation arrives.  I sit in the wheel chair and he gives me the two bags we had and I hold on to the for the trip downstairs.

10:10: We get to the car.

10:15: My mom goes into the parking garage in the building closest to the the building with our doctors in it.

10:25: My mom runs inside and makes an appointment with Dr. Veith in 2 weeks before my next scheduled Chemo infusion.  My mom also stops by my Internist and picks up a blood glucose meter and some test strips for me to monitor my blood sugar since my numbers have been off since the chemo and the steroids.

10:45: We are heading back home.

10:55: We drop off a prescription at the pharmacy on the way home.

11:00: We get home and I just rest.  I have to go see Dr. Jacob to get my stitches out in an hour.

11:45: I get up, and we get in the car and head to the doctor.

12:00: We get to the doctor and I am shown to the patient room.

12:15: The doctor comes in and looks at the stitches and says they are ready to come out.  He cuts the stitches and pulls them out one by one.  He then puts on the adhesive and applies the sterri strips to my neck.

12:30: Doc says I am good to go, he will see me on Lundi Gras, the day before Mardi Gras as Mardi Gras is my next infusion.

12:40: We get back to the car.

12:55: We get home.

1:20: I just relax in the chair at home and watch TV.  I take a phenegon and eventually doze off.

4:00: I wake up.  I don’t feel like eating or drinking and have the constant feeling of having to burp, which doesn’t help.  I just continue to watch TV.

6:00: Still watching TV.

9:00: I get a bath, maybe not the best idea, a little weaker after but I am clean.

11:00: Just watching TV again, nothing else to do.  Not hungry or thirsty.

11:59: Another day gone.

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