Chemo Therapy Round 2 – Preparation


7:30: My dad wakes me up, he is off from work today, and he is going to drive me to my Doctor’s Appointment.  Seeing how that I still have the stitches in my neck, I still cannot turn my neck to look both ways when driving a car.  So I must still rely on other transportation.

8:00: We head out the house.

8:07: We get to the parking garage, and wow, no one is there, its practically empty.

8:15: We check in.

8:30: I meet with the Hearing Test Nurse.  She does a pressure test on my ears, along with kind of tone echo.  I was then put in a sound booth and told to repeat the words that I heard.  I was then told to press a button every time I heard a tone.  We then walked to a different part of the office, and they did a test on me that they do on all new born babies to test for hearing loss.  I had a minor high frequency degeneration, but other than that, everything else looked normal.

9:00: I meet with Dr. Jacob for a quick review.  He wishes me the best of luck on the next chemo regimine.

9:10: As we are leaving the parking garage, I get a call from a client in the building on the other side of the hospital.  No one can sign on to their computers.  My dad drives me over there, and we go in and check on them.  He did a system restore on his computer and was able to log in because he was using a cached password from when the computer was restored.  I then rebooted the server, and then I was able to log onto the other machines with no issues.  The main problem was the domain controller not responding to requests.

9:40: We go downstairs and check to see if Dr. Veith is in his office.  It appears that his office is closed for the holiday.

9:50: We are getting back into the car to head back home.

10:00: I get home.  I get back on my computer and do a few more things.  I talk to my business partner, and he wants to meet at the office later today.

11:00: I help my dad figure out how to put a fragile decoration into a box.  They can be tricky sometimes.

12:00: I sit in the Lazy-Boy and watch some TV.

12:30: I am dozing off, and don’t fight it, I just let myself to go sleep.

2:30: I wake up and go back to my main computer to finish up a few things.

3:30: My parents get home.  They are going off, and I ask them to drop me off at the office so that I can meet with Jamie and have a business meeting with my health and everything coming up with me and the other plans we had for the business that we are working on.

4:00: I start working on a few of the installations I was working on at home.

4:45: My computer starts acting up and freezing and I get a few write errors.  I need to do a chkdsk.  I take the hard drive out the computer, hook it up to a computer in the back, and let that usb/sata setup do a chkdsk of the entire hard drive.

5:15: Jamie shows up.  We talk about my health first and where everything is going with my upcoming chemo and stem cell transplant plans.  After going over these things we go over the plans we have been talking about for the business.

9:45: We wrap up our talking.  We lock up and Jamie drives me back to my house.

10:15: I jump in the bath as I have my chemotherapy tomorrow, no shower yet, still got the stitches.

11:45: I get out the bath, a long nice time to think of everything coming up, and I had my laptop with me as well.

11:55: I get back in my chair and lay down and relax.

11:59: I doze off soon after.  Another day gone, chemo tomorrow.

© Craig