Chemo Type 3 Cycle 3 + 12 – PET Scan #5


8:30: I wake up.

8:45: I jump in the shower.

9:00: I am out the shower.

9:05: My dad and I are in the CRV heading downtown to Tulane Hospital.

9:25: We get to the hospital and park in the Cancer Center.

9:30: We get to admit in the second floor of the hospital and are referred over to Radiology.

9:35: I check in with Radiology, and sit.

9:40: We are taken downstairs to right in front the Emergency Room where an 18 Wheeler Trailer is sitting.  My dad waits in the Emergency Room waiting room, and I go outside and into the trailer.  They are serious in not wanting you to exert yourself, as I am able to walk up a set of stairs, but they only allow me to get into the trailer by using the lift next to the stairs.

9:44: I am sat down and the questions begin on if this is my first PET Scan, when and where was my last one, when was the last time I had a CT scan etc.  They then take my blood sugar and it is 196.  They then work on giving me the radioactive glucose injection.  The tech cannot find a vein in my left or right arm.  He then trys to stick a vein that he thinks he feels in my left hand, but is unable to hit anything.  He then ries the right hand and hits the vein and starts an IV.  He then pushes some saline to make sure that the veins is a good vein, no burning, so I am good to go.  He puts the radioactive glucose into my vein and then pushes the rest of the saline to flush the fluids into my veins out of the iv.  He then pulls out the IV and wraps my hand.  He turns the lights down low and goes into the other room, time for me to wait and let the radioactive glucose circulate my body and uptake into the tumors.

10:45: They come and get me out of the room, position me on the table that slides through the PET Scan machine.  They strap me to the table and put a cover over me.

10:50: They start the test.  I go through the machine once, and then pulled back out and sent to the other side of the machine, and then I go through the machine in 10 inch intervals for a series of pictures to be taken.

11:40: I am done the test, and they lower the table and unstrap me.

11:45: I am heading out the trailer.  My dad sees me and heads out.  We walk the 2 blocks back to the car and take the elevator up to the third floor where we parked.

12:00: We are heading out of the garage.

12:05: We stop for gas.

12:30: We try to stop at Taj Mahal for some Indian Food, but they are packed with no parking.  We decide to try a place closer to the house that also has Indian Food, but they are more of a hole in the wall.

1:00: We arrive at the second Indian Food place, and both have the buffet.  Good food as always.  I enjoy their rice and different curries and other Indian mixtures.

2:00: My dad and I head home.

2:30: My wife and I head to the office to do some work.

3:00: My eye is bugging me, as it has been all day, feeling like something is in it.

5:30: I head home.  I have had enough for today and my eye is aggravating me.

6:00: My mom, being a nurse,  diagnosis my eye as pink eye, and calls my oncologist from EJ, Dr. Veith, and asks if he could order some eye drops, by this time, I can barely open my eye and just feel miserable.

7:00: I am eating some left over Buffalo Chicken Wings, some Blazin, Some Hot BBQ, and some Sweet Hot Wings.

8:00: I get the drops put into my eye.

8:30: I am on my computer, laying in my bed, but only using one eye because my right eye is pretty much swollen shut.

10:00: More eye drops.

11:59: More eye drops, and another day done!  Tomorrow we will get the results of the PET scan.

© Craig