Chemo Type 3 Cycle 3 + 13 – Dr. Appointment – PET Scan #5 Results

12:00: I am having issues sleeping because of my eyes, my cough, and just feeling miserable.

2:00: My wife puts 2 more drops in both eyes.

3:00: I get up and take some cough syrup along with a sleeping pill.

4:00: I finally doze off…

7:30: I wake up, let Buster out and go to the bathroom.  My eye is still shut.  I open my eye and let my wife put in 2 more drops in both eyes.  We are putting drops in the second eye as a preventive measure.  My throat hurts, I grab a chocolate milk from the back fridge.  After downing half of it I realize that I need to take my blood sugar.  I get my things together, but I am out of test strips, so I have to find them, I then realize that I am out of lancets too to poke my finger, I find them and refill, so 15 minutes later and the sugar definitely in my blood stream by now, I take my blood sugar.  It is 175.

8:00: I lay back down and try to grab some more sleep.

9:30: I cannot sleep any longer. I get up.

10:00: My throat is sore, and I am still sorta tired, so I decide to take a warm bath so that I can get some moisturized air into my throat, and relax too at the same time.

10:30: I get a call from a client that has a fake antivirus on their machine.  I remote int and start the removal process remotely.

11:30: I am done the removal process.

11:45: I remote into a server and figure out why a client keeps getting things popping up on their machines every time they launch the program.  I find a setting that someone has changed and disable it, this stops the unnecessary message from popping up every time they launch the application.

12:00: I head on out to pick up my mom.

12:15: I pick up my mom from work, and we head downtown for my Doctor’s appointment to find out the results of my PET scan yesterday.

12:50: We get to the office and sign in.

1:10: We are called to the back.

1:35: We see the Doctor.  She ask about my eye as that is what stands out the most.  Even though it has started to get better, she wants me to see an Eye Doctor and asks a nurse to call the clinic and see if if there is an Eye Doctor available to see me today.  She then starts going through the results.  My neck has completely cleared up, nothing has been found in my neck.  She then sees that the two tumors in my chest have very low activity.  She would like to see no activity, but compared to the PET scan in January, both tumors are in the process of dying and she is ready to move on with the Stem Cell Transplant.  However, she wants to get my eye cleared up first and get my cough and congestion taken care of today too.  I tell her that I have an ENT appointment tomorrow for 9AM, so she is happy to hear that.  Melissa tells me to call her on Tuesday and let her know how I am feeling.  If everything is looking better then that means that I will be looking to start the Stem Cell Transplant next weekend, Saturday, May 18, 2013.  So we shall see. Click Here To Scan Results

2:00: We are heading out of the Doctor’s office and over to the Hospital to visit the clinic to see the Eye Doctor since they can see us now if we go over there now.

2:15: We get to the Eye Doctor and check in.

2:40: They bring us to the back.  The nurse goes through a few quick test and gets an overview of the problem, when it started, etc.  Then she tells us the doctor will be with us shortly.

3:30: The doctor sees us.   She looks at my eyes and can still see some crusting, she sees an infection in the eye, and its probably just the regular pink eye, but to take some Staph infection into account and to make sure it is not that, she adds me to a second eye drop medication.

3:45: We are heading out and I have an appointment on Monday for them to check out my eye and clear my infection for Dr. Safah so that is one less thing for them to worry about.

4:00: My mom and I head out, I am driving home, what? I can see out of both eyes…

4:15: We stop at Rouses and she runs in and gets some Hamburger buns as she already has hamburger meat at home.

4:30: We get home.

5:00: My wife puts two more eye drops into my eyes.  My dad throw the burgers on the pit, and my mom fixes some jambalaya.  I doze off in the chair.

5:30: The burgers and food are ready.  I have to burgers and a very small helping of the jambalaya.

6:30: I am back in the chair on my laptop looking over a few things.

9:00: I scan in the results from the PET scan and edit them.  I also fax them to my Internist.

10:00: I edit the documents.  Another round of eye drops, 2 of the one from last night and 1 of the new.

10:30: I start editing my blog and catching up a few things.

11:00:  I catchup the last chemo post.

11:30: I type up the PET Scan from yesterday.

11:45: I type up today and will post the scan results.

11:59: 2 more eye drops in both eyes of the old, and 1 in both of the new.  Another day gone, Oh joy!

© Craig