Chemo Type 3 Cycle 3 + 20

8:00: My cell alarm wakes me up “Run Forrest Run”

8:05: I am up out of Bed, the usual routine, let Buster out.

8:15: In the shower.

8:30: Out the shower.

8:45: On the way to the doctor’s.

9:00: At the doctor’s, oh boy.  I tell him that all my other symptoms have gone away, just my left ear feels like the hearing is impaired with the pressure I feel inside the ear like there is fluid inside.  He has me take a hearing test in the other room, and all the test come out perfectly fine, no hearing loss, he says he sees the ear drum pressure is a little elevated, but that’s probably from the fluid on the inside.  He told me that it should be gone in a few days as long as I keep taking my decongestants and my antibiotics he prescribed on Friday.  He wishes me well and will see me when I get am done with the transplant.

11:00: I am heading out the doctors office, WOW, 2 hours, that was quick!

11:20: I stop by McDonalds for my 2 McDouble special for $2.00.

11:40: I get to the office.  I eat the 2 McDoubles, and they hit the spot.  Now time to do some work.

12:00: I deliver the refurbished computer to the client across the hall.

12:30: I hook up a client’s laptop and start going through that. I am about to upload the backed up data to their server and I get a phone call from them saying that they are having a power outage, and if there was anything special that they had to do.  I told them that they were good to go, that their server would shut down automatically when the battery backup reaches its minimum charge remaining point.

1:00: I start catching up on administrative task and billing.  I haven’t done any administrative work since last week, time to play catchup.

2:00:  Done with the administrative work.  Oh joy.

2:15: I start working on some video format for conversions for a client for the best format for them to save in.

2:30: I see the client’s server has come back online from the power outage, I log in and check things, everything is fine.  I then start the upload of all the data backed up from the laptop before I rebuild the OS.

3:15: I get two text messages from two different clients at the same time.  One is about a message about Windows activation, I log in remotely and quickly take care of that.  The other is about a virus on the machine.  I have cleaned this machine twice, but a certain site they visit keeps infecting them.  I remove a few additional items and turn up some of the settings and restrictions on the computer.

3:45: Done with those two things.  I get a call from the PreTransplant Coordinator.  Melissa tells me that I am scheduled for the transplant hopefully for May 28, 2013.  I will go in and meet with the doctor first and I should be admitted to the hospital right from the doctor’s visit.  So that is the plan.  They want to make sure my sinus infection has completely cleared itself up with no symptoms remaining.  This means I will get to go to my wife’s graduation on Tuesday.  I am just going to pop my head in and pop my head out to see her walk across stage.  I am not sitting in the crowd and risk catching something from someone.  Just in and out for me!

4:30: Back to working on a few things around the office.

6:30: My wife and I head home to meet up with my parents.  We are going out to Nirvana, uptown on Magazine street, for some Indian Food 🙂  Thursday nights is buffet style…

7:30: We get to the restaurant.  Food is great as always!  Nice and spicy 🙂

9:00: We are stuffed, time to head back home.

9:15: We get home.  My wife and I drive back to the office.  I am going to stay and do some more work and she left her car there from earlier.

9:45: Me just sitting here catching up on my blog, and adding some updates 🙂



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