Chemo Type 3 Cycle 3 + 32 – Scheduled Admit, But No, Congested


08:08: I wake up, let Buster out.

08:25: I jump in the shower.

08:30: I jump out the shower.

08:45: My sister Katie is here to pick me up.

8:50: We find my Lidocane cream and the saran wrap incase they are going to admit me or want to take bloodwork.  I apply that.

9:00: Katie and I head out to pick up my mom from her work.

9:10: We leave my mom’s work and head downtown to Tulane.

9:30: We get to Tulane.

9:37: I sign in.

10:35: We are brought to the back.

11:00: I see Dr. Safah.  She asked me why I am sick.   I tell her that when I last saw her I had a sinus infection, and then I went back to my ENT and he said I had a yeast infection in my mouth and throat from the antibiotics he gave me, because they kill the good stuff too letting the yeast grow, so he gave me stuff to clear that up then Saturday I started coughing really bad and that cleared up for the most part on Sunday.  She said it was probably the sinus infection finally clearing up since no one was sick in the house and I wasn’t running a fever or feeling any pressure in my ears and could hear with no issues. She wants me to get an XRay on my way out just to double check its not pneumonia or anything more serious.

11:25: We head up to Radiology.

11:30: The tech takes me to the back and takes 2 pics of my chest one with me facing the wall, and other from my side with my hands up.

11:40: We are done with the XRays and walk back to Katie’s car.

11:50: We are back at the car and heading out the garage.

11:55: Back on the interstate.

12:10: Picking up a prescription Dr. Jacob called in over the weekend from CVS.

12:30: Picking up some PoBoys from Spitalie’s Deli in Metairie.

12:50: We get home and eat some great Po Boys!

1:30: I help my wife put her license plate on her car.

2:00: I get to my office and it is warmer than normal.  It is 75 Degrees and a 60% humidity,  I sit down and start doing some work on my computer and I am just sweating sitting here.  That’s enough for me, I go up to management who says if it continues to stay hot let her know and she will look into it.  I am not going to sit in a hot office.  I am about to head home and I get an email from a client who is having some printing issues.

2:10: So I head over to my client’s office.

2:30: I get to my clients office and the printing issues is lines printing on the page.  I look at the issue and it is a driver problem.  I change from the PCL6 to a PCL5 and still have issues, I then change out to a PS driver and it prints up with no issues.
3:30: I head back over to my office to pick up a delivery that I was notified, and sit down at my office to check on a few other orders.  Once I start sweating again I stop what I am doing and write a letter to building management about it being too hot.  The temperature is always changing and never a constant comfortable temperature, and being too cold is OK cause I can put an extra shirt on or long sleeves, but being too hot and sweating, I don’t like having to sit in my office shirtless because it is too hot!

7:30: My business partner gets to the office and we talk over a number of things and plans for when I go in and what is going to happen when I am in and our plans to make the business better and stronger for when I get out!

10:30: I have had enough for today and the temperature is now 76.7.  Time for me to head home!

11:00: I get home and eat some chili my mom made yesterday.

11:30: I lay down.

11:59: Watching TV, another day gone!

© Craig