Chemo Type 3 Cycle 3 + 34


9:00: I am up.

9:15: I let Buster out.

9:20: 134 Blood Glucose Measurement.  I let Buster back in.

9:30: I jump in the shower.

9:45: I jump out the shower.  I still find cooler showers are better, for some reason ever since I started getting sick I can’t take really hot showers or I get weak really easily.

10:00: I am heading out to my office.

10:15: I get to my office and go to work.  It is hot in the office today, and has been since Tuesday.  It is reading 75 Degrees F with a humidity of 60%  Too hot and humid to be comfortable, blah.

10:30: I go up to building management, but building management is not in the office, I’ll try again later to see about the heat.

10:45: Back in the heat.  Too hot to sit at my computer, and I have a laptop with a virus infection on it that I have to work on so I go in the room that is less hot, lol.

11:15: Walking back and forth through the office working on different things.

1:30: I catch the building manager in the stairwell, she said she got both of my notes, and even faxed the them to the A/C people as there is no reason why my office should be sitting at 75.  Maybe they will have to add a vent.  Sounds like a lot of work when all they simply have to do is lower the temp for the A/C.  The whole floor is hot, not just my office.

3:30: I am talking to a client across the hall and I bring my thermometer with me just to see the temperature in his room.  81 Degrees, inside, in an office, this is too hot!  Someone messed with the A/C setting.

4:00: Oh this laptop I am working on with the virus keeps blue screening, I finally download a tool and find it has a root kit infection.  I take care of the rootkit, and then limit the startup with msconfig.  I restart the computer and then able to run a tool without it blue screening on me.  Then I begin running my other cleaning tools to check and double check all the files for an infection to make sure this is clean before I give it back to the client.

4:30: I talk to my neighbor in the building when she comes to stop by for a visit.  She asks if I knew anything about why its so hot in here.  I told her that the A/C was set at 70,  and that building management told me that she doesn’t even have a key, it will have to go to the building owner to get the temperature changed now.  So its not just me that’s hot in here.  Sometimes I think its just me being sick and I am hot, but when other people say they are sweating too, I know its just not me and has nothing to do with me being sick, well maybe a little bit, but the temperature has to be lowered.

5:00: I email Melissa and ask her what time tomorrow I need to report in.  She said that do to scheduling, I will have to come in Saturday instead of tomorrow.  So I have one more additional day of freedom before having to go in.

7:00: I am finishing up the last few things with this laptop.

8:30: I am heading home for some Pizza.  I am hungry, haven’t eaten all day, but wasn’t really in the mood to eat with the heat.

9:00: Papa John’s Pizza.  Yummy, good stuff!

10:00: Back in my room on my bed, on my laptop, checking out a few computers and back to some programing the back end of our website.

11:59: Another day gone, wow, still on the bed programming, but quickly getting tired, about to go to sleep!

© Craig