Crescent City Classic Expo Visit and The Advocate Interview Published

04/18/2014: Good Friday

10:30: My sister and bro-in-law came and picked me up as we had to head down uptown first to pick up my sister and my dad from their nine churches walk at St. Stephens on Napoleon Ave. and then up St. Charles heading to Champion’s Square and the Hyatt to pick up my shirt and my poster, and also to sign up my wife for the race and to pick up her shirt and bib, and also for the rest to pick up their shirts and bibs.

11:00: On the way down there I check the Advocate’s site on my phone looking for an article on me, and sure enough the video was posted as seen below…

Video: The Crescent City Classic is more than just a race for Craig Denny

12:30: We are done with the expo and heading back home. I have to get back to work, it’s a Friday and clients need my help…

1:30: I drop off some shirts to the Twins who have been life long friends of mine from kindergarten.  They are walking the CCC and will be wearing the shirts too…
2:15: Back at the office, got work to do and clients to take care of.  I first take care of Chef Andrea who called me earlier in the week before heading upstairs to my office right behind his Restaurant.

3:15:  I am in my office, I post the video to my blog and update my blog for today so far.

4:15: Back to doing real work, catch ya’ll later!

7:30: Heading home for supper.

9:00: Out to scout the end of the race.

10:00: Back home, finish up some remote support.

11:45: Off to bed…

11:59: Another day gone. Race day tomorrow.

© Craig