Infection – Fever – Hospitalized – Day 2


4:30: They wake me up to draw some blood for checking my blood count levels.  I doze back off shortly after.

7:30: I wake up, shift change, vitals time, temperature and blood pressure.  I have a temp back down to 100. so my temp is back to a reasonable one, but still a temp and have to get that under control.

8:00: Breakfast, the same ole, grits, eggs, bacon, and a biscuit.

9:00: I doze back off to sleep.

10:00: I wake up.  I just watch some TV, not in the mood to do too much else.

12:00: Lunch, oh joy.

1:00: Just watching TV.

4:00: The doctor stops by saying that it looks like it is a staph infection, at least that’s what the blood culture is coming back as.  He has consulted a general surgeon to possibly take the port out tomorrow if possible because that is the source of the infection.

5:00: Supper time, nothing like great hospital food, yeah right.

7:30: More vitals.  I have a temp down to 99.3 now.

10:00: I take an Ambien along with my Alegra D.

10:15: I jump in the shower, still hooked up to the IV line going to my port in my chest.  A challenge getting a shower when you can’t get the port area wet and have a line connected to you the whole time with the IV pole right on the other side the door.

10:40: The shower is maybe a little too hot, I am a little weak getting out.

11:00: I am back in my hospital bed.  The room is pretty warm/hot.  I push the temperature down as low as it can go, but it doesn’t improve too much.

11:45: I finally fall asleep.

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig