Infection – Fever – Hospitalized – Day 3


4:30: Another wake up call, another round of blood work to see what my blood levels are.  My crit has been falling, and that’s not good.  I doze back off after the blood is taken.

7:30: Shift change, awakened again by the nurse coming in to take the vitals.  My temperature has finally cleared and I am back at a normal 98.6

8:00: Breakfast, same stuff again.

8:30: Done with breakfast, and I doze back off and take another nap.

11:00: I wake up, still a little tired, but can’t sleep all day.  I turn the tv back on watch some more tv.

12:00: Lunch time!  Food, oh boy.  Not too bad, pretty easy to eat.

12:45: Done with lunch…

1:00: Not much to do, can’t really get out the room myself since I am in an isolation room.

3:00: I call maintenance because the room is getting warmer.  He tells me that the temperature in the room is 51 Degrees, I tell him it doesn’t feel like 51, and I am not the only one that is warm.

5:00: Supper time, more great food!  HA!

5:35: Done with supper.

7:30: Shift change, more vitals, and I still don’t have a temp.  However the room feels like it is warming up more.

10:00: The nurse comes in to change an antibiotic bag.  I tell her that it is warm in here and she agrees.  She will have the charge nurse call maintenance and handle it.

11:45: I doze off, but still warm and not comfortable.

11:59: Another day gone!

© Craig