Infection – Fever – Hospitalized – Day 4


4:30: The nurse comes in and takes my vitals.  No blood work for me today.I tell her that it is still warm in the room and I am uncomfortable.  She takes my vitals and then tells me she will go check about getting another room for me.

4:40: The nurse comes back and tells me that I can move to room 513.  I grab my laptop bag, hang it on my iv pole.  I also grab the pump that pumps my legs to prevent blood clots from happening in my legs from spending long periods of time in one position in the bed.  I mainly wear these at night.  My dad grabs everything else in the room, bags, clothes, a truck with a plant in the bed of the truck that my mom purchased from the gift shop and a balloon she purchased as well.  Hey I needed some kind of decorations in my room!

5:00: We are done moving everything.  A bigger room, that’s a relief, not an isolation room.  I flip through the channels on TV and find something to watch.

7:30: Shift change, vitals get checked again, temp still normal.

8:00: Breakfast again, yummy!

8:30: I doze back off again as I am tired, doesn’t take much to tire me out.

10:30: I wake up and watch some more TV.

12:00: Lunch time.

1:00: Back to watching some more TV, not much else to do when stuck in the bed.

3:30: My dad and I play a game of chess.  I win this round.

4:30: The chess set goes in the window as supper is about to come.

5:00: Supper time.

7:30: Shift change. Vitals, still have a normal temp.

8:00: Back to watching TV.  I also get on my laptop and check a few things.

10:30: Still watching TV.

11:45: I turn on my side without the port and start doze off.

11:59: Another day gone, so much fun…

© Craig