Infection – Fever – Hospitalized – Day 5


Lundi Gras!  So much for my Mardi Gras Parades tonight, just here in the hospital.  However I am feeling better.

4:30: I am awaken by my nurse who is her to take blood for some blood work.

5:00: I am back asleep.

7:30: I am awaken by the nurse coming to take vitals, oh boy what fun!

8:00: My breakfast try arrives.  YUMMY!

9:00: Just watching TV and dozing off here and there.

11:30: I am awake, I get more vitals taken.

12:00: Lunch…

12:30: Done lunch, more TV.

1:30: My dad and I start playing some chess online  I am on my computer and he is on my second computer.  We play three rounds, 2 of which I win, and 1 draw/stalemate.

5:00: Dinner is here, yummy.  I can eat more now that I am not feeling sick and also that I am not getting chemo for this stay in the hospital, just antibiotics.

6:00: More TV, reruns, whatever,  also some computer usage.  I am feeling better, as I am using my computer more and more.

9:00: I shave my face and my head with my electric razor I use for my head.  I then use my electric razor for my face for a closer shave and shave my face first and then shave my head as much as I can.

9:30: I am then feeling a little weak from standing up for so long and keeping my hand above my head to shave my head.  I sit in the chair by my bead, and give my dad my hand held electric razor and let him finish up shaving the back of my head where I missed a few places.

10:00: I jump in the shower in the hospital bathroom.

10:30: I jump out the shower.

10:45: The nurse comes in and checks on me.  I hit up an ambien to help me sleep.

11:00: I visit the bathroom to add to my output numbers, yeah they give you no privacy here, they keep track of all your inputs and outputs.

11:15: I am laying in bed resting, and watching TV again.

11:45: Another day gone.  I keep the TV on and let the ambien do its work….

11:59: Day Done… ZzZzZzZzZz

© Craig