Infection – Fever – Hospitalized – Day 6 – Mardi Gras Day


Mardi Gras Day, so much for going out to the parade route to St. Charles Avenue for my normal parade spot.

5:00: I am awake.  I turn on the TV and start watching the Mardi Gras coverage.  Mainly the weather reports for the day, and the people already roaming about on the route and those who have claimed their spots.

6:30: I am still watching the coverage on TV.  Dozing in and out.  Its gloomy outside, easy to sleep more…

7:30: They come in to check vitals.

8:00: I get my breakfast.

8:30: I doze back off.

9:15: My wife is heading to the office to pick up some packages from my suite neighbor who just happens to be working today since Mardi Gras is not her thing.  They move the boxes over to the front desk of Hands Free Help.

9:30: My mom is heading over to the hospital.  She is stopping by Dunkin Doughnuts first.  She is picking up some apple fritters, and some Castle Burgers/Krystal Burgers.

10:15: My wife and my mom both arrive at the same time.

10:30: I dive into some of the Burgers.  I have my whole own dozen to eat.

10:45: My wife heads on out to work taking some Burgers with her.

11:30: I have finished 11 of those Burgers.  I give the last one to my dad to go on top of some of the Burgers he took from the second dozen that they shared.

12:00: Lunch arrives.  I pick at it, as I am pretty full from all those Burgers.

12:45: Done picking at the lunch, and get rid of the tray.

1:15: I lay down and take a nice nap.

3:00: I wake up.

4:00: Just browsing TV, hopefully I get to go home tomorrow!

5:00: My mom heads out.

5:30: Supper arrives.

6:00: I am done with supper.

7:00: I put on a mask and go for a walk up and down the hallway.   However, during the walk the alarm goes off on the pump, I walk back to the nurse station and they just unkink the line and restart the pump.

7:30: I head back to my room.

8:00: My mom comes back and hangs out for a little.

8:30: My wife also shows up and hangs out for a little.

9:30:  My wife and my mom head out, just my dad and I left hanging out.

10: 00: Just TV…

11:30: Still just TV…

11:59: Trying to go to sleep tonight with no sleeping pill help.  I should be going home tomorrow.

© Craig