Just Another Thursday


12:30:  I take my temperature myself, it is 100.8

2:12: My wife takes my temperature, it is 99.8

And back off to sleep I go.

8:30: I wake up to my phone ringing.  It is the client’s who’s computer I had to rebuild.  They need a few files before leaving the office in about 30 minutes.  I connect to the computer and look for them, but cannot find them at first.  It then that I realized that the virus had hidden some files before I had reformatted the machine.  I marked the whole folder as hidden, and then marked whole folder as unhidden which then revealed all the files that he was looking for.

9:00: I am still laying in the lazy-boy, just browsing the internet reading up on the ABVD drugs once more, and all their possible side effects.  Just another hour of research.

9:30:  EJGH calls me about the Pre-Op checkin.  They check all my data over the phone and will get an authorization from the insurance company today for tomorrow’s procedure.  She cannot give me the time, as she doesn’t know, but to call my Doctor for that information.

9:45: My doctor calls me and tells me that the Bone Marrow Biopsy Check-In will be for noon tomorrow.  Of course, the same run down, no eating or drinking anything after midnight, etc, the normal pre-op run down.

10:00: I wake up my wife because she has work for 11, we thought about having her dropping me off at work, but I forgot that the interstate is all messed up because of the construction being done between the Clearview and Veterans exits.  They are expanding the interstate from 3 to 4 lanes in each direction and extending the bridge.  So she wouldn’t be able to make the stop at my office and then continue to her job for 11.  I asked my sister, Sarah, what her schedule was like today, she said she was just traveling up to Prarieville to see my other sister Katie.  I asked her if she would mind bringing me to my office, she said she wouldn’t.  I then asked her if she would mind doing me one more favor and bringing me to Whitney Bank first so that I can close my account with them.  Whitney Bank was fine as Whitney, ever since Hancock took them over I have had nothing but issues with my personal and business accounts.  I have already closed all my personal accounts, just had to wait for a number of checks to clear on my business account, but whatever, I could go into a long rant of what Whitney has become, but this is not the place or time to do so.  Anyways, she said she would bring me there too.  Great, so I have that all covered.

10:28:  I have a temp of 99.1, checked by my wife on her way out the door.  I feel fine, but all the factors around me say otherwise.  The only big negative is my coughing is coming back.  After getting off the Prednisone, the breathing issues are slowly starting to return, this morning I am noticing a lot more coughing.  Oh well, we’ll see what happens as the day goes on.

10:50:  My sister is ready to leave and bring me, so I must go!  I’ll catch ya’ll at the office…

11:00:  My sister gets to Whitney and waits out in the car with Buster.  I go inside, meet with one of the Financial Services Associates.  I close out the business account and get the money in cash.  I head back outside where my sister says Buster went crazy the moment I got out the car to I came back.  So off to Iberia Bank.

11:15: We get to Iberia Bank.  I go inside fill out the deposit slip, add everything up in my head, then pull out my phone to double check the 4 checks and the cash I was putting in.  What do you know, I can still add, LOL.  I see the teller, then I am out of the Bank and back to my Sister’s car.  This time Buster has jumped into the front seat.  I tell him to get back in the back, which he does, and then I sit in the front, and my sister brings me 2 blocks over to my office.

11:20: Buster and I head up to the office.  He gets on the chair and stays there while I take care of a few admin things.  First I go through all my medical paperwork from the past 2 weeks, scan it into the computer system to upload to Google Docs, and then hole punch it to add it to a binder I have.   After I got all that situated, time to do some admin work because I got Sales Taxes Due tomorrow, and Payroll Taxes due at the end of the month.  I should just do them all now so they are out of the way, so I take care of all that admin foolishness along with sending out some invoices and catching up on some office work.

1:00:  A nice bowl of Chicken Ramon Noodles for Lunch!  5 minutes in the microwave and its good to go.

4:45: I start working on a client’s computer remotely, having software here at here at the office that I need on his computer, I zip it up, put it in a folder that makes it downloadable from our website, and then remote into the client’s computer and start downloading the software.

4:54:  My client calls me and asks if I am already working on his computer, I say I sure am, just waiting for the download to complete, about 3 mins so that I can install it.  Once the download is complete, I install the software which fixes the document issue we were having.

5:20: I am off the phone, another client had called, so I follow up with a return phone call.  Her problem is that there was a lightning storm the other night, and ever since the storm she has been unable to user her computer or even power it on.  I still cannot lift any weight or drive, so I told her that possibly my wife can come pick it up tonight and bring it in for me to look at.  She says that will probably work best, and she will be available after 9:30 tonight for my wife to go over there, so I will let them two schedule getting together to get the computer.

6:00:  I am exhausted just sitting here at the office.  I call my wife, and she is just getting off of work and heading over to pick me up.

6:15: My wife calls me asking the best way to get to the office because its raining hard and some streets are starting to to flood.  She know the street my office is on floods many times during heavy downpours, she asks if my dad can use the CRV instead to come pick me up, just in case the street is flooded by the time she gets there.

6:30:  My dad arrives to pick me and buster up, no street flooding yet 😛

6:45: We get home and my wife opens the door.  I didn’t tell anyone else that I was bringing Buster to work, so she jokingly remarked about not letting anyone know I was taking the dog, they were looking for him when they got home.

7:00:  Almost dinner time, my wife and my dad are cooking.  The pork chops go into the oven, and I make some mac and cheese, the pastas has just been strained and put back in the pot, I add the cheese and milk and stir it up.  Once its ready, I take a nice helping.

7:30:  The pork chops my wife and dad flavored come out the oven, and I eat just2 of them, as I already and plenty of mac and cheese.

8:00:  I lay on the lazy-boy, and before you know it I am out.

11:45:  I wake up, drink some pink lemonade before the midnight time limit, and then attempt to go back to sleep, but not to easily done.  My temp is 98.6, so I am good for now.

© Craig