My Dr. Appointment with My Internist


I visited my internist, Dr. Alan Yager.  I told him of my issues breathing when exerting myself when simply walking up a flight of stairs or climbing a ladder or exerting myself.  The doctor said that it was Asthma since it was Asthma season and said that he would treat me for Asthma.  I was only able to blow a 180 on the peak flow meter.  I have never had a history of Asthma nor any problems with any allergies during the different seasons throughout my past 29 years.  I mentioned to the doctor that there was a possibility of exposure to asbestos when I work working as a student worker at UNO in the older buildings.  They told us after the fact that some buildings that we were working in may have had asbestos insulation in the ceilings and walls in which we ran network cabling.  The doctor said that this was too early to be a result of asbestos, but most probably just Asthma and that he did not see the need of a chest XRay at this time, but if I continued having problems then he would order a chest XRay next time I came in to see him.  The doctor then had the assistant give me a steroid shot.  I was prescribed a round of Prednisone to take for about 10 days along with a Z Pack of antibiotics in case of a possible infection.  I was also given a prescription for a Symbicort inhaler to use for 2 puffs every day and night to help with the Asthma.  I was also given a prescription Ventolin inhaler to use for 2 puffs when I had problems breathing or before exercising or doing anything strenuous.

The inhalers helped a little with breathing, but not much else.  The Prednisone did start giving me night sweats, I have never had night sweats before, so this was new to me.  After I was done with the Prednisone the night sweats were random, but never completely sheet drenching.

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