Neck Lymphnode Biopsy #2


2:00: I relax in the tub, I use the Dial Antibacterial Soap to make sure my body is clean.  i will also get a shower before heading over to the Hospital.

3:00: I get out and go lay in bed and fall right asleep.

9:30: I wake up and get out of bed.  I don’t bother getting too dressed as I am not working a full day and I will be coming home soon to get another shower before heading to the hospital.

10:30: I head into my office.

10:45: I get to my office.

11:00: I finish updating a laptop for a client who dropped it of on Friday.  He needs his laptop back for the school semester starting.

12:00: The client comes in and picks up his laptop.

12:30: I start ordering different things for clients as to let them come in while I am out.  Toner, a KVM switch, UPSs, and a few other things.

2:00: I finish up ordering things.

2:36: I head on home.

2:50: I get home.

3:00: I jump in the shower.  I use the Dial Antibacterial Soap as instructed by the preop nurses.

3:15: I jump out the shower.

3:30: My mom and I head on over to the hospital.

3:45: We park on the third level of the parking garage and head in.  There is a note saying that if you are checking in after 2:30, you must head down to the 2nd floor to check in.  We head downstairs to the second floor to check in.  They ask if I am in the right spot.  I tell them I am, and that I went through pre-op yesterday and that the sign upstairs said to check in down here.  They said they then understood, and asked me to take a seat and someone will be with me shortly.

4:00: We are called to Room I where they go over all the info with me, and give me my arm band and then send me back up to the third floor.

4:15: We head back up to the third floor and check in at the nurses station in the back.

4:30: I am shown to my room.

4:45: I am given a gown, and told to remove all my clothes and slip into the gown and then slip into the bed.

4:55: I am in the bed, with just a gown on and the sheets on top of me.  My dad and sister show up.

5:05: Surprisingly my oncologist shows up. Dr. Jacob, the ENT who is doing the biopsy and getting the lymphnode out for them to do the pathology report on talked to my oncologist.  My oncologist came to go over the possible outcomes of what is found with the biopsy and a few possible forms of treatment.  He says he will see me tomorrow before I am discharged.

5:15: The IV nurse comes back, and I tell her I don’t want anything unless she has lidocane.  She tells me she doesn’t have lidocane, but she will look.  She looks at all my veins and can’t find one that she can easily stick, so she agrees with me, and will let me wait for anesthesia to get my IV started.

5:30: They wheel me to the back to the operating room.

5:35: I move myself to the operating room table.

5:40: I meet the CRNA and the Anesthesiologist.  The Anesthesiologist, Dr. T, got my IV started last time when they had issues sticking me over and over.  The CRNA gets some lidocane, and then Dr. T injects me with it.  He then takes the IV needle and starts the IV on the first stick.  I am talking with Dr. Jacob who ask if I used staples last time or stitches.  I told him that he did one running stitch and no staples.  He agrees and talks that over with the nurses.  I am talking a good bit with everyone in the operating room.  Then it is time.  They give me a cocktail sedation in my IV, and then put the mask over my face and tell me to start taking deep breaths.  Time for my Michael Jackson and other stuff to put me under and keep me under while they go to work.

7:30: I wake up.  I am nauseated and start gagging and coughing.  The nurse grabs me a small bag which I throw up into.  My neck is hurting me as well.  She throws stuff into my IV for the pain and the nausea.

8:00: They roll me back to my room.  The first person I see in the hallway is my wife who was just leaving the room.  She saw me and went back into the room to wait for them to put me in my room.

8:15: I am settled in my room.  I  start coughing again and feeling nauseated and start gagging again and spit up flem into the bucket in the room.  They put some Zofran into my system to take care of the nausea.

8:30: My wife, mom, dad, and sister are all talking, and I am half in and half out of it.

9:30: My dad and my sister leave, and my wife and my mom stay.  I am still dozing in and out of it.   My neck hurts and I can’t do too much moving.

10:00: We turn on the History Channel and watch Pawn Stars.  I eat some chicken and beef broth.

11:59: Still watching TV.

© Craig