Neck Lymphnode Biopsy #2 Recovery


12:30:  I am done my 2 bags of fluids and after 3 request I get the nurse to come change the IV to a hep lock that way I don’t have to carry around the empty IV bag.

1:00: I use the bathroom and fill up a full 1000ml of fluids.

1:15: I start dozing out of it.

3:30: The nurse comes around and takes my vitals.  My blood pressure is 100/60 and my oxygenation of my blood is 90%.  They tell me to put my oxygen nose plugs back in and I do.

4:00: I doze back off.

6:00: I wake up and my mom is getting her keys, I know what she is going to do, she is going to change cars with my dad that way I can more easily get into the CRV instead of the Accord with my neck.

6:15: I doze back off.

7:30: Dr. Jacob stops by to check on me.  He says he will be discharging me, and he will be leaving the pressure dressing on my neck, and that I should come see him at the office tomorrow for him to take the pressure dressing off.

8:00: I am back awake and hungry.  I wait for my food.

8:30: I finally get food.  Grits, Eggs, a Biscuit and Sasuage

8:45: Dr. Yager drops in and checks on me.  He tells me that everything is going to be ok, and they have to do second treatments a number of times.  He also starts to talk about how well his Salt Water aquariums are doing in his office.

8:55: Dr. Yager heads back to his office.

9:00: I finish up my biscuit.

9:15: My wife runs downstairs and gets some food for her and my mom.

9:25: My wife get back with their food.

9:30: Dr. Veith shows up and said it preliminary looks like it is going to be Hodgkin’s.   He says we will go over the options tomorrow as I have an appointment with him tomorrow, and he should have some more results back tomorrow for that appointment.

10:30: I get my wheel chair.

10:45: I am wheeled out to the CRV.

10:55: I am in the CRV and we are heading home.

11:30: We get home.  My mom takes off to Jimmy John’s for a sandwich for her and my wife, and pick’s up a philly cheese steak sandwich for my dad and I.

12:15: I eat.

12:45: I am laying down in with my small laptop and watching TV.

1:15: I doze off.

4:15: I wake up when my dad gets home.

4:45: I am in serious pain.  My last pain medicine was around 9AM.  I take two hydrocodone.

4:55: My mom heads out to get some ground meet for hamburgers tonight.

5:30: My mom gets back home, I am half in and half out of it.

7:00: I eat a hamburger.

8:00: I am sleeping again on the chair.

11:00: My wife wakes me up for me to take my next pain pill.  I quickly fall back asleep.

11:59: Still sleeping, can’t move too much, too much pain…


© Craig