Neck Lymphnode Biopsy #2 Recovery Day 3


12:00: The start of another wonderful day, oh joy.

12:15: I take my next pain pill, percocet/oxycodone.  These things work much better than the hydrocodone.

12:25: I am laying back in the lazy-boy, all covered up as it is a bit chilly outside.  Watching some history channel, but it doesn’t take much for me to fall asleep.

12:35: I am out of it.

2:15  My wife wake’s me up with a phone call telling me she is on her way home from a friends.  I fall back asleep.

4:00: I get up to get rid of some more fluids, and instead of waiting an additional 15 minutes for my percocet, I just go ahead and take care of that pill n ow.

4:10: I am sleeping again in the lazy-boy.

7:00: I am awake.  I can’t sleep anymore.  I get up.  I talk to my dad a little bit who had taken today off a while back because he was supposed to have jury duty yesterday but he called last night and they said that they didn’t need him to show up, so he went to work yesterday, otherwise with Monday being a holiday and him not working on the weekends, he would have been away from work for 5 days.  Oh well 4 is ok too.

7:30: I dig into half of what is left of the pecan pie that my sister brought over less thatn 24 hours ago, and give my dad the rest of the half.

8:00: I turn on the TV and a movie that has nature release a toxin into the air that causes humans to commit suicide and not worry about self preservation is sweeping the New England area.

10:00: The movie is over, and my dad and I are going to head to the office.  He grabs their old computer to bring to the office since the old computer was their main computer before I gave them a new computer for Christmas.  I just need to get a few last things off of it, and since I don’t have an extra monitor at the house, and I cannot get in remotely for some reason, we are just going to bring it to the office where I have plenty of monitors and tools to work on computers.

10:15: We are in the CRV with my dad driving since I can’t much less turn my head, or even try to get in the car without being very cautious.

10:30: We get to the office.

10:40: We are upstairs.

10:45: I go downstairs and pick up a package that was delivered to another suite since I am out of the office with all of these medical appointments and treatments and such.

10:55; I make it back upstairs.  I start going through the mail and just about to settle in when the mail lady come by and tells me that she just delivered a package to me downstairs.  I tell her that I would greatly appreciate it if she kept it up when I am out.  She said she was just getting used to the route again because she broke her leg and was out of work for the past 2 months and was unaware of any of the latest updates or the business closing down the hall that she used to deliver my packages too.

11:05: I go back downstairs and pick up the package that she delivered today, and then back upstairs.

11:15: My dad brought a tape to the office that he would like transferred.  It was a Valentines Day Special that he had taped a long time ago when i was a kid and wanted to transfer it to DVD for my sister to watch.  I help him get the transfer going and then go to my office and start working on a few things.

11:30: I get an email from a client and reply back to her that she is secure the way she is setup.

11:58: I get another email back from the client.  She is looking for some help setting up a new program so that she can email her clients documents that she scans and prepares for them.  We first have an issue with the password, so we reset that, and then after resetting that we can still not send out out an email with the new program.  She is going to call both the ISP and the company to figure out how much longer her email will work with that ISP since she is no longer with that ISP and the company with the software since the settings are correct, but we cannot send out a test email.

12:45: I am done with that client.

12:50: I go in the back and show my dad how to stop the video capture, and then how to trim what he doesn’t need off the end of the video and then how to burn the video to a DVD all within the same software.

1:00: I leave my dad with the DVD burning, as I get a call from a client who is having an issue with a slow computer.  I talk the client through installing the remote software and then remote into the computer and start taking care of the slowness issues.

2:15: I am done the scanning and the cleaning phase and the computer is running pretty well.  The client will call me back when they find a cable to hook up their printer to their computer.

3:10: I get a call back form the client saying that they found the cable.  They hook the cable up for me, and i download the software from the manufacturer’s website and install the multi function color laser printer.

3:35: I am done with the printer.  Another client is calling up, and he has to figure out how to hook up another computer to the internet so I can work on it remotely too, so we disconnect while I take the call from the other client.  The other client wants to put some mp3’s on his iPhone from his computer so he can listen to them and he can’t figure out how to do it.  I remote into his computer, start up iTunes and copy the files tot he Phone’s Music Playlist.  He is then able to listen to these files on his phone and issue.

3:50: I call back the previous client and we try a few things to get it connected to the internet, and then he decides that he lives close enough that he can just run over and drop it off.

4:00: I make a call to a client’s whose phone call I missed and instruct her that she can pick up her computer from downstairs anytime next week because i will be out of the office next week and in the hospital for my next chemo treatment.

4:10: I call a Doctor client of mine to update him on my situation.  He is one of the greatest doctor’s I have come across with a great personality and will go out of his way to make sure that you as a patient, person, and friend is taken care of.  The Whiz!

4:15: The client gets to my office with his computer and a backup tape cartridge.  I take them both and tell him I will work on them as I can with me being in and out, and he completely understands!

4:30: My dad and I walk downstairs and deliver a computer and toner for pick up by my clients when they can drop by since I will be out of the office.

4:45: We head back upstairs.  I setup the computer that was just brought  in for remote access and then my Dad and I head on home.

5:00: We are in the CRV heading home.

5:30: We get home.

5:45: I get on my laptop and continue doing work that I was doing earlier, but mainly administrative and billing work on the things I did earlier.

6:50: My mom gets home with some Taco Bell for supper.  I get some spicy things, but again, I don’t taste the spice anymore, I can only feel the burning sensation in my mouth 🙁

7:30: I am back in my chair updating some software backup licenses for clients of mine and also processing the billing for the updates.

8:00: I finalize a few more things on the computer.

8:15: I just relax and watch some TV.

11:00: I get ready to get another bath.  Another long day, I don’t want to get a shower yet.  I just took the bandage that my wife put over my drain hole last night and starts to leak when I take it off, oh great.  I also notice that my neck around the stiches is really swollen and bruised, oh joy.

11:30: After a good bit of examination its almost time for me to jump in the bath, however I can’t stop looking at the colors and size of my neck…

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig