Neck Lymphnode Biopsy #2 Recovery Day 4


9:15: I wake up.  I haven’t taken a Percocet for almost 8 hours, and I can barely move my neck because any movement sets off some pain.  I take a Percocet.

10:00:  Breakfast is being cooked.  Eggs, Bacon, Grits, and Biscuits.  I can start moving around again.

10:20: I am still sitting in the Lazy-Boy.  My wife gets my breakfast together, and gives it to me on a small table dinner table over my lap in the Lazy-Boy.  She then get’s her breakfast, and sits by me on the Sofa.  My parents are sitting by the main table eating.  The food is great!

10:45: My wife leaves for work.  I am finishing up my breakfast.

11:15: I am done with my Breakfast.

11:45: I turn on the TV and just watch TV for the rest of the day.  Not really worth moving too much.

2:00: Still watching TV, I am also on my laptop computer.

5:00: Still watching TV, yep you guessed it, still on the computer as well…

7:30: My parents bring home some BBQ Pulled Pork and Brisket, and some Ribs, good stuff!

9:00: I go take a shower.  I don’t want to get my stitches wet yet and deal with the feeling of getting a cut wet, since 7 inches of my neck are a big cut.

11:00: I find myself back in front of the TV.  My dad is laying on the sofa watching the TV with me.

11:45: I am exhausted and just let the the tiredness overcome me and fall asleep….

11:59: Another day done!


© Craig