Neck Lymphnode Biopsy #2 Recovery Day 5


8:00: I wake up, and I am just awake.  No falling back asleep now.  I get out my laptop and start doing a few things on it, checking on installs I was working on last night.

10:00: Looks like another morning of some sausage, grits, eggs, and biscuits as my mom has begun cooking.  I haven’t eaten anything for breakfast regularly in a while.  Good to have some good meals on the weekends.

10:40: I get up and eat at the kitchen table.  I haven’t taken any pain medicine since 2:45 AM.  So as far as pain goes, I am doing pretty good.

11:30: I find myself back in the Lazy-Boy.  On my laptop still working on a few different things.

1:30: Time to find the Atlanta/San Francisco game.

2:00: Kickoff.

5:30: Atlanta lost, thank goodness, don’t need to worry about them being or winning at our Home the New Orleans Superdome

6:00: I get on my main computer in the living room and check a few things and do some work.

7:00: Time for a bath, damn stitches, showers are so much quicker…

8:30: I get out the bath, and the New England/Baltimore game is still going on.

9:30: Baltimore wins, so it will be San Francisco against Baltimore in the Superbowl here in New Orleans.  I just channel surf for a little bit.

10:00:  I catch Transporter on AMC and begin watching that.

11:45: I doze off watching TV.

11:59: Another day gone.  I can move around a little better 🙂

© Craig