New Appointment with Internist about this Breathing Issue


I saw my internist who again thought I was having more Asthma, but also said Asthma season was over.  I reviewed all the symptoms that I brought up in my previous post.  I blew a 215 on the peak flow meter.  He was a little puzzled why I was still having breathing issues.  He thought with my symptoms it could be acid reflux since I also have coughing issues when I eat.  I kept bringing up the other symptoms of problems breathing and coughing all the time too.  I thought maybe it could be something with the asbestos, but probably not, but an Xray wouldn’t hurt at this point.  I insisted that maybe I should have some more blood work and an Xray to check other things.  The doctor thought for a little while and then realized that he never had an Xray on me and that this would probably be a good time to get an Xray.  The doctor then agreed and said the chest Xray would rule out pneumonia.  We went to his office, he gave me a sheet to go do the bloodwork and another sheet for the prescription for the 2 view chest Xray.  The assistant gave me another steroid shot.  I was also put on a 15 day round prescription of Prednisone.  Along with a prescription for Ciprofloacin HCL as another antibiotic that would start treating the pneumonia if I had any, and also a prescription of Zafirlukast to help with the Asthma.  I also received a prescription of cough syrup to help me with my coughing at night to sleep better.    I left the doctor’s office and attempted to go do my bloodwork, but the office closed at 3:00 and it was now 3:15, so over to the Imaging Center for my chest Xray.    I arrived at the Imaging Center and gave them my paperwork from the doctor, and they gave me the usual 5 pages of new patient paperwork to fill out.  I then waited in the waiting room for about 40 minutes and then was finally called to the back.  I had to take off my shirt because of the buttons on my shirt, if I just had a tshirt on, I could have just taken the Xray in my tshirt, so I had to put on a gown for the Xray.  The tech then positioned me with my chest facing the back plate and took the xray, she then turned me to the side and took another Xray which she didn’t like so she repositioned me and took a second side view Xray.  I then went back to my office thinking that great I can get the pneumonia taken care of and get back to normal days.  The doctor’s assistant called me about an hour later saying that the doctor wanted to go over the results of the Chest Xray the next day.  I didn’t think of anything of it at the time, but now looking back at it, he usually doesn’t have office hours on Thursday, and he wanted to see me on a Thursday, so that should have told me something right there that something was wrong.

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