Port Placement +1


So its still early in the morning and I still havn’t gone to sleep yet…

1:35:  I checked my temperature and it is at 100.0.  So I got a little temperature running, but I should be ok 😛  I am about to go to sleep and I’ll let you know how well I am doing in the morning.  I just took another pain pill.  I can feel the pain coming on, its about a 3 or 4 out of 10.

1:50: Getting off the computer and going to sleep after researching the pain following the port placement with the pain that I am feeling.

5:50: My dad checked my temperature and it was 97.5.

I dozed back off to sleep in the lazy boy.

10:00 I woke up and woke up my wife to take my temperature and to get me some Sierra Mist and my pain medicine.  It has been over 8 hours since my last pill and my shoulder/arm is throbbing.

10:10:  My wife checked my temperature and it was 98.2.

Had to wait for the pill to kick in, my right arm and chest/shoulder hurts. No fun…

10:40: My mother and father go off to pick up some Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast.

11:00: They return with breakfast, food, yummy, yay, just gotta eat with my left hand.

I watch Fun with Dick and Jane and then Yes Man both starring Jim Carrey.

I can get up and walk around, but can’t do much with my right arm.  According to my discharge papers I can’t pick up anything over 10 pounds because of risk of injuring the site of the port placement.

I can do the basics of operating a computer and my phone.

Simple things like raising my right hand to my mouth and other simple movements like turning on a light switch can be painful or uncomfortable.

Just taking it easy today being lazy, not doing too much at all.

2:50: My wife leaves for work, just me watching TV anyways.

First blood is on, watching that now.

3:30:  My parents are off the their normal 4:00 Saturday mass.

4:15:  Aunt Estella calls asking if I can come to the door since I am home alone because she has some fresh homemade custard for me.  I meet her at the side door and thank her for the treat.  I eat the custard.  YUMMY!

4:30: I take my next pain pill.  I can feel the pain starting to throb again in my left shoulder.  The nurses at the surgery center told me don’t wait to its a 10 to take the next pill.  Take it when its a 2-4 so it can start working before the pain gets too great.

4:45:  My mother calls me asking what me and my wife would want from Ground Pati.  I go with my normal Brisket Salad, which is always really good, and get my wife her Mushroom and Swiss Burger with fries, cooked medium rare.

5:00: I doze off to sleep.

6:15: I wake up and wait for Dee to come home before eating.

6:45: Dee arrives home, and she enjoys her burger while I eat my delicious salad with lettuce, Swiss cheese, pineapple, pecans, and a large portion of brisket.  I also add the honey mustard dressing to my salad.  I don’t need more than one container of the dressing because the BBQ sauce from the brisket flavors the salad just right.

7:30:  I am back in the lazy-boy watching NCIS.  I watch a few episodes of this.

9:30: NCIS is still on, but I am about to doze off, either for the whole night or just for a little bit.  The pain pills do make you a little loopy on top of making you a little sleepy.  That’s ok, I would rather sleep a little extra and be out of it than the pain I start feeling when those pills start wearing off, that’s no fun!

Well I may doze off, I may not, catch you in a little bit or in the morning…

10:45: I woke up needing to go to the bathroom, only problem is I can’t drop the leg rest for the lazy-boy by myself.  I have my father come from the other room and drop it for me.  I also take my temperature and I am back up with a temperature of 100.6.  Once again time to drink some cold liquids and get under a fan to bring this temperature back down.

11:30: I have a temp of 101.1  taken by me.

11:35: I have a temp of 101.5 taken by me.  I call my wife in the other room to get me some additional cold drink.

11:55: I have a temp of 100.6 taken and verified by my wife.

© Craig