Port Placement +2


12:05: I have a temp of 100.4 taken by my wife.

12:15: I have a temp of 100.7 taken by my wife.

12:30: I have a temp of 100.4 taken by my wife.

1:00:  I wake up sweating a little under my sheets and take my temp.  I have a temp of 99.8 taken by my wife.

1:15: Blah I am going to sleep I’ll check my temp again whenever I wake up…

4:00: I ask my dad for the thermometer because I see he is up and in the other room.  My temperature is 98.5.  I then return to sleep.

6:30: My wife goes to work.

9:00: I wake up and my neck is stiff from sleeping in this lazy boy and I have to loosen it up a little first which is painful.  My mom takes my temperature and I am back at 99.8.

9:45: I am not in the mood to eat anything really, my dad fixes me some scrambled eggs, and I at them while I am reading over my patient packet for my smart port.  I also fill out the smart port cards that I should keep in my wallet.  I read through all the documentation from the surgery and find that I cannot drive for a week following the surgery, I guess to make sure that I don’t disturb the port placement or the vein that the catheter was placed into and to allow the initial healing to take affect.

10:00: I am back in the lazy-boy with Buster up by my side.  I find ghost rider to watch.

12:45: My mom took my temperature, 98.6 was the reading this time around.

1:15: My mom has fixed some Turkey Steak in place of Salisbury Steak along with some gravy, pasta, and some broccoli.

1:35: I take Buster outside in the back yard and walk around for a little bit and then come back in and sit in the lazy-boy chair.

1:50: My wife calls me and let’s me know that she is on her way home.

2:10:  My wife arrives home 🙂

3:00: It starts thundering outside and Buster doesn’t like it.  I am just laying in the lazy-boy.  My wife puts the thunder blanket on him, and then he jumps up in the lazy-boy by me.

3:30: My wife takes a few pics, here is one of the pics she took 😛

4:00: I dozed off for a little and was awoken by the thunderstorm coming through and Buster shaking like crazy.  Buster jumped down, and I had my wife put on his thunder blanket which does a good job on calming him down during thunderstorms.

5:00: I watched a number of NCIS episodes back to back while doing some research.

6:15:  I decided I would take a lukewarm bath as I couldn’t get my port placement incision wet.  I didn’t want to take a hot bath because I didn’t want to raise my temperature.  I rested a little bit, scrubbing to get the orange iodine from the procedure off of my body on the opposite shoulder, as they had already cleaned up all of this when they were cleaning up the blood following the surgery.

9:00: I started to look at a client’s machine that I was working on Friday night.  I had lost connection with it, and since this computer is a slower computer I thought it would come back up sometime Saturday.  Since I didn’t have the keys to the office on me, and I would have to have someone drive me over to my office, and then drive me over to the client’s office to work on the computer, I emailed the client earlier during the day and they called me and emailed me saying that they had taken care of the computer so I should have access to it again.  I started working on it again and started the scan again, we’ll see if it comes back up this time around.  While doing all this I turn on Everybody Loves Raymond.

11:00: Here we go again!  I have a temp of 100.6 taken by my mom.  Oh boy, another few hours of checking temps to make sure I don’t go above 102 and then have to call the Doctor’s office…  My mom also got me some additional drink aka Sierra Mist, and my next pain pill which I read can control the pain and the bring down any fever.  I am just going to go to fall asleep now in the chair, I am tired, blah…

© Craig