I got up, showered, went to the office, took care of a few things around the office, and then went to my Dr. appointment with Dr. Jacob, the ear, nose, and throat doctor for the preop for the biopsy.  This was from about 11:50 – 12:45.  I then went to the patient prep area in EJ North building and met with the financial lady and paid my copay, i then was directed to the 5th floor where i was put in a waiting room to talk to a nurse, the nurse weighed me and my weight was 255.5 with a height of 6’2 and a blood pressure of 145 over 75, but I believe the machine was wrong on this.  I then answered a number of questions and gave info to my doctors and emergency contacts.  I then was put in another room to wait to talk to an anesthesiologist.  I then talked to the anesthesiologist and answered a number of questions and signed the consent forms and then was sent on my way.

I met my parents in the parking garage where my dad was about to go into a doctor’s appointment for himself.  They had a pomegranate smoothie waiting for me which I devoured and went back to my office.  I met with another client when I got back to the office.  I then headed home ate a salad with asparagus, avocado, tomatoes, alfalfa, chicken and honey dejong.  I drank water with my meal and drank some pomegranate juice after.  I then worked on a computer remotely and then went with my wife back to the office to pick up my cell phone that I had forgotten.  I then came home and wrote the missing parts of my blog for the weekend and today.  I will most probably do some more research on lymphoma before going to bed and catching some sleep.  I’ll see you soon!

© Craig