Resting Day After Returning Home After Biopsy


I woke up from about 6 hours of sleep and couldn’t fall back asleep around 5:00 am.  I did some more research on my phone on Lyphoma and treatments.  My parents were getting up to return to work, and I talked to them while they were doing their normal morning routine.  After they both left it was about 6:30 am. I fell back asleep for 3 hours and then woke up and got up for the beginning of a normal morning with the stitches in my neck and the reminder not to move too qiuckly.

I got on my home office computer and called up Dr. Jacob’s office to make the appointment for Thursday to get my stitches taken out of my neck.  The appointment was set for 10:40.  I then did some more research on Dr. Thomas Cosgriff and a few other oncologist.  During the day I got a few emails from clients with a question here or there and that I answered via email.  I also got one phone call about a computer with some malware on it.  I remoted into that computer, restarted it into safemode and started working on that computer.  A client emailed me about a new server storage array that was going to be delivered today.  I responded to the email saying that my stitches would be taken out Thursday and I would plan on installing the storage array either Thursday or Friday evening of next week.  The client agreed that that would work and we will touch base next week to make it definite.  Another client emailed me for an cell phone number of another client of mine which I replied back with, and then a client said was checking up on me saying that if I needed to talk to just simply call when I was up to talking just to chat.  My Aunt Estella then called me up saying she was bringing me some soup for lunch.  She callede me again once she was outside and I went outside and got the pot.  The soup was great, she had mixed vegetable soup with carrots, cauliflower, squash, broccoli and rice.  I ate three small bowls of the soup as I worked on the computer remotely.  While waiting on the computer to scan I updated the blog for Wednesday and Thursday.  My mother came and dropped of me a Pomegranate smoothie and picked up my wife to go to Sam’s to get some fish and other healthy snacks and food for supper and cooking over the weekend.

While they were off I decided it was time to take off my dressing since the doctor said that I could take it off at noon on Friday.  It was now about 4:00 PM.  I sat in the bathroom because blood and stitches can make me whoozy, and pulled off the bandage very slowly while watching myself in the mirror.  The bandage came off without sticking to my stitches, however the gauze did stick to where my drainage tube was coming out of my skin.  I very slowly peeled the gauze off of this part as not wanting to open up the hole from the drainage tube.  It was during this time that I was taking off my bandage that my dad arrived home from work.  After the gauze was off, I returned to my desk and saw that the computer was still scanning remotely.  So I continued to work on my blog.  My dad  sat at the other computer next to mine, and I had him pull up the blog and read through everything that I had written so far.

Then the phone call came that my mom and wife was home and he went out to help them unload the groceries and also cook the salmon that they had picked up.  My partner Jamie called and we went over the events for the past few days about the phone calls and emails and issues that were handled for the business while I was out of the office.  After the phone call, I sat down with my wife and my parents and we had a salad with salmon and chicken all mixed together which was very good. (Food to me is always good!)

Now it was time for me to go get a bath as I had not bathed since Wednesday at 1:30PM before going to the hospital.  I got in the warm bath and was very careful around my stitches.  My wife helped me get off the remaining dry blood that was on my back from the surgery.  I relaxed for a little bit and did some additional research on my phone about the side affects of chemotherapy and everything that I was going to be going through.  I had a client text me about the phone needed for his new phone system that I would possibly be installing on Monday to see if he needed to have a messaging system built into the phone.  I told him that the phone service would be the voicemail for the phones, that the phones didn’t have to have a built in messaging system.  It would be just like his cell phone that after 4 rings the service provider would provide the voicemail service.

I then got out the tub and returned to the lazy-boy chair I had slept in the night before to continue some work on the computer and turned on Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  I then checked on the computer which i was scanning earlier which finally finished the scan after 5 hours of scanning.  I made some corrections on the computer and restarted the computer.  While waiting for the computer to restart I started blogging about the events for today.  I finished up the computer I was working on a my parents left to go get my sister from the airport who was returning from a week long class.

© Craig