Shingles SUCK!!! Started 02/18/2014

So on 02/18/2014:  I noticed a small rash on my butt area and thought it was a simple rash…  I did take a cold shower the day before since there was no  hot water left half way through my shower and I figured it was the body wash not completely washing off of me as it more like sticks to you in cold water.  I let it go figuring it would heal up, by Thursday the pain was becoming just a tad nauseating and by Friday I left the office a little before 4 because I couldn’t deal with the pain any more…

After getting another close up of the rash it appears to have blisters like that of Shingles.  I discovered this around 5PM Friday evening.  I did some research and started myself back on my Acyclovir every 6 hours and also along wit some Phenerghan and Percocet.  This did an OK job of minimizing the pain on Friday but I also had a hard time sleeping Friday night because of the pain and any little movement would wake me up with pain.

Saturday was the worst I didn’t move much at all.  Towards the end of the day I did take a warm Oatmeal bath after some further research and this did soothe the pain a good bit, and I did get on the computer for my regular Saturday night gaming, but I quit toward the end because the pain started becoming too much to continue sitting, off to bed I went.

Sunday I woke up and felt a bit better, I didn’t feel the stinging pain with every small movement.  I got up walked around the house a little bit, ate at the table and sat in the LazyBoy and watch some TV.  Much better than yesterday.  I finished up with an Oatmeal bath again to sooth some more and then off to bed I went…

Monday was a little lest painful than Sunday.  I am staying on top of my Acyclovir 4 times a day.  I am trying to stop the pain pills so I didn’t take any when I woke up.  About to jump in another nice warm Oatmeal bath and just relax 🙂

I’ll keep you updated as always 🙂

© Craig